Project Idaho

I see almost no one flying in this beautiful state with plenty of bush flying opportunities. Because of this I am launching a bush flying series in the IFC where there will be often group flights through the Idaho backcountry so that we can get some more love to this great state.

Here are some cool locations

Redfish lake area

Grandjean summit

Boise ridge


All pictures are mine except for McCall and the picture up top sources are below.

Some cool routes you can take,


Picture location airports.

Picture #1-3, 2U7
picture #4 KBOI
Picture #4 KMYL
PIcture in post #6, 1U3

All these routes can be switched opposite, there are a ton of bush strips in Idaho that you can go to several along the salmon river, have a good time with flying here!


Quite remarkable pictures! What airports can I utilize to find these locations in Infinite Flight? Any recommended route I should take? Anything I should know before exploring Idaho?

Can’t wait to see some fun events in Idaho! Feel free to check out the Events Tutorial if you have any questions


Idaho is a truly beautiful state, that is very underrated. I would love to see more people explore the state! :)

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Go to Stanley 2U7 and KBOI

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And before exploring Idaho remember that a lot of the backcountry strips are high and density altitude can reach up to 10,000ft in the summer.

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There will be an event tomorrow!

Here’s a sneak peak of the scenery

(These are my pictures)

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well folks you guessed it we are going to start this up again with a landing challenge at 1ID9! the worlds shortest runway at 440ft!

no potatoes??

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legend says that these mountains are made from potatoes.

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Hello, Juan! Thanks for sharing your beautiful state with us and sorry we’re late to provide some constructive feedback. That said, this is posted in #live and we’re on an Infinite Flight forum. I think I understand your objective, but the post itself doesn’t really tie to anything Infinite Flight or aviation.

Could you expand a bit further on your topic so it relates to Infinite Flight. What airports should we explore in Idaho? Any scenic flight plans you can share? Notable bush flying spots? Sand bars?

We’ll allow this to stay open pending the above recommendations, as it currently reads like a postcard vs a way to encourage hometown engagement. Thanks!


I understand I will change it.

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is this good now? I put some info about routes and where you can find some of the picture locations.

who wants to go flying together ? O.o

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A fun one is Seattle to Boise

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Ya, I’ve done that IRL and in the IF.

Also welcome to the community!

I’ve done it in real live and in if to my favorite plane to do it in is the virgin-Alaska 737-900

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Also many we can fly together in if

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Oops I mean maybe

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