Project idaho pt5 fly in MAR 13 / @1ID9 (All Day Event

Summary: _Hi guys today i bring you a new event! I know its been quite a while since i made my last flyin/flyout sorry bout that. Aside from that this event will take place at the SHORTEST RUNWAY IN THE WORLD shorter than saba at an impressive 440ft long and 20ft wide. Also this is a real airport unlike FE7. Another thing that makes this place challenging is that its at an altitude of 5,500ft ASL and summer density altitudes can rise far above 9,000ft. Make sure to be respectful of the unicoms, also please dont try and land an A380 there please only XCUBs (maybe cessna 172s but probably not). But most importantly have fun! _


Server: Expert server (may change)

Airport: 1ID9 Simko field or Skyline airport



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