Project Hungary

Any feedback is appreciated :)

International Airports:

LHBP - Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport
LHDC - Debrecen International Airport
LHSM - Hévíz-Balaton Airport
LHPR - Győr-Pér International Airport
LHPP - Pécs-Pogány International Airport

Domestic Airports:

LHFM - Fertőszentmiklós Airport
LHNY - Nyíregyháza Airport
LHSK - Siófok-Kiliti Airport
LHUD - Szeged Airport

Military Airports:

LHKE - Kecskemét Airbase
LHPA - Pápa Airbase
LHSN - Szolnok Airbase
LHTA - Taszár Airbase
LHTL - Tököl Airbase (@IceBlue)

Non-Public Airports

LHBC - Békéscsaba Airport
LHFH - Farkashegy Airport
LHBS - Budaörs Airport
LHHH - Hármashatárhegy Airport
LHDK - Dunakeszi Airport
LHDV - Dunaújváros Airport
LHEM - Esztergom Airport
LHGD - Gödöllő Airport
LHGY - Gyöngyös Pipishegy Airport
LHGR - Gyúró Airport
LHHO - Hajdúszoboszló Airport
LHJK - Jakabszállás Airport
LHKV - Kaposújlak Airport
LHKD - Kecskéd Airport
LHKH - Kiskunfélegyháza Airport
LHKK - Kiskunlacháza Airport
LHMR - Maklár Airport
LHMC - Miskolc Airport
LHNK - Nagykanizsa Airport
LHOY - Õcsény Airport
LHSZ - Szentes Airport
LHSS - Szolnok-Szandaszőlős Airport
LHSY - Szombathely Airport
LHSA - Veszprém-Szentkirályszabadja Airport
LHZA - Zalaegerszeg-Andráshida Airport
LHER - Eger Airport
LHKA - Kalocsa Airport
LHMP - Matkópuszta Airport
LHBD - Börgönd Airport - YouTube Video (Time-Lapse)
LHZK - Zalakaros Airport

Other Airports:

LH58 - Csakvar Airport - YouTube Video


£10 that I get a slack DM in a couple days asking for help with this…


Lovely! 😀

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anyone can help, but I’m not asking you specifically ;)

Haha might do project Austria… thinking about it.

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This will take longer

would be good for 2 neighboring countries :)

I love how you’re so committed to getting all the world’s airports done! :)

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You go Pat! Do it well!

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I really am! :) But someone ruined Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport RIP 😑


You seem to know what you’re doing, you’ll be able to fix it in no time! ;)

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Any requests? :)

What happened?


With what? Project Japan?

Yes, that exactly

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We haven’t been getting many requests so the Project is sadly dead :(

Are you going to be adding Saudi Arabia ?

Yes, we will be.

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@Patrick_U could you do LHTL because I like the name.

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LH58, Csakvar is done. Check the link above :)

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