Project Havsörn

🇸🇪Project Havsörn🇸🇪

Hello fellow IF members! I am very happy to announce the creation of Project Havsörn, the official project for all Swedish 3d airport projects. I have for a while been wondering why there are so little Swedish airports, so I have taken action! This thread will be dedicated to all 3d regional, international and GA airports.
I look forward to seeing Sweden come to life!

Current Swedish airports

Airport Name ICAO Editors Status
Sundbro Flygfält ESKC @Vinnepinnen Work In Progress
Göteborg Landvetter ESGG @XY_Magic Work In Progress
Umeå Airport ESNU @Serein_W Work In Progress

Please note that I have just begun my editorship at IFAET and I will be steadily be working my way up to the bigger airports (If no one makes them first)

I have gotten permission from the editors to share these airports that are ready for release and works in progress. Please remember that even if an airport is ready for release does not guarantee it to come to the next update. Airport Mods and Staff pick the airports to go to the updates and when they think it should go.

Airport Requests

We are not taking any requests at the moment. We will continue to make the airports that we choose. But do not worry, there is a lot in the works to make you all happy!


I wish you the best of luck on your project!

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Thank you!

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Attention! ESGG Göteborg Landvetter is now being actively worked on again by @XY_MAGIC !



ESNU is now officially being worked on by @Serein_W

ESMS?? Is someone working on it?

Any,News about ESGG?