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Where is the runway? Or is this a heliport?

Dedicated heliports aren’t allowed, so no.

The two grey areas in the lower part of the picture are the runways. They have circles on them as they are also used as helipads :)

What are the dimensions?

To be completely honest I haven’t found that much on a quick online search but according to Wikipedia the length is 1005 and 1938 feet respectively:

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That’s… what aircraft can even use that?

I am not too sure to be honest as I rarely venture into the area of small planes with short field capabilities. Some kind of military (feighter) planes probably I assume (?)

I also didn’t find much about aircraft operating here (it’s a military airport I’m not surprised there’s not much on google), however the airport is mainly used by helicopters and is registered as airport and not heliport, that’s why it’s fine. 🙂

Kotroni Airport is a small airport situated northwest of Marathonas. It has one of the smallest runways in the world. Both runways are mostly used by helicopters because Kotroni is normally a base for the Hellenic Navy Helicopter Command. To indicate that helicopters land at the site, the airport has helipad signs on the surface of the runways.

No aircraft in InfiniteFlight would fly there in real life. Still happy though this „airport“ gets add.


LGAD Andravida

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New airports complete



New issue created

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January airport an navigation update is out! Enjoy 26 New/ reworked airports in Greece!


Hi everyone,

I’ve been quite busy recently and hand’t much time to edit for this project. However, LGTP has been approved and LGSY issue was opened.

Hopefully I will have more time to edit and complete this project.


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