Project Greece

Hello everyone! I’m pleased to start this project where me and the guys of the airport editing team will rework all the airports in Greece not reworked yet.

The target is to get this project complete by summer of 2021.

Greece is a southern east European country characterized by mountainous profile and a lot of little islands.

Airport ICAO Editor Status Picture
Andravida LGAD @Major-Tom Complete Link
Agrinion LGAG @Davide_DC Complete Link
Alexandria LGAX @Davide_DC Complete Link
Nea Anchialos LGBL @Major-Tom Complete Link
Elefsis LGEL // Not done
Epitalion LGEP @Major-Tom Complete Link
Aristotelis LGKA @Davide_DC Complete Link
Amigdhaleon LGKM @Davide_DC Complete Link
Kotroni LGKN @Davide_DC Complete Link
Kasos LGKS @Davide_DC Complete Link
Karphatos LGKP @Davide_DC Complete Link
Filippos LGKZ @GBKarp Complete Link
Limnos LGLM @Major-Tom Complete Link
Megara LGMG // Not done
Astypalaia LGPL @GBKarp Complete Link
Rhodes LGRD @Davide_DC Complete Link
Skiathos LGSK @Major-Tom Complete Link
Syros LGSO @Davide_DC Complete Link
Sparti LGSP @Davide_DC Complete Link
Skyros LGSY @Davide_DC Being redone
Stefanovikion LGSV @Davide_DC Complete Link
Tanagra LGTG // Not done
Kasteli LGTL @Davide_DC Complete Link
Tripolis LGTP @Davide_DC Complete Link
Tatoi LGTT // Not done
Tymbaki LGTY @Major-Tom Complete Link
Maleme LG03 @Davide_DC Complete Link
Lamia LG53 @Davide_DC Complete Link
Triodhon LG55 @Davide_DC Complete Link
Olimboi LG56 @Davide_DC Complete Link


If you’d like to help with this project, or simply join the IFAET team, you can visit this thread.


Wow this is incredible! Looking forward to help you guys, this is amazing! Just a side note, will the apron of Skiathos be created as well? Some taxilines are completely missing.


Thanks! Looking forward to see you editing airports.

For Skiathos, as far as I can see there is no updated imagery source available yet except for google, but Google’s one is blurred out. We will see when new imagery from other sources will be available!


I don’t know if it’s allowed but if you’re able to use Flightradar24 you can see all airports in Greece in high resolution.

Well, you won’t have to worry about LGAV, I did this airport in 2016 and was redone just last year.


(Courtesy from Kilt McHaggis)


Not really, the team would prefer an official source, shouldn’t be too long since it’s available by the way. 😁

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@brunocr98 Athens is modelled really good! The only thing I don’t like is that the runway colours are always the same. In LGAV both runways are half grey and half black.

Sadly that’s not something within our software’s capability at the moment.

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I’m aware, but we can’t do anything or try to bypass our editing guidelines. Currently, we have banned our airport editors from using the transparent surface for runways, and this is a good reason to reject an airport as well. Same case applies with LEMD and other airports with multiple surfaces.

Is Kastelorizzo on this list?

Yeah I understand. Maybe it will change in future.

@AviatorNikola No, unfortunately it’s not on the list. Naxos as well. Two really cool airports. But anyway, let’s be happy that project Greece started :)

Kastelorizzo and Naxos are not in the list because they are already done. :)


New Airports accepted

  • LGSO
  • LGKZ
  • LGPL
  • LG53

They will make their way to the next nav update.

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So far the new Greek airports are looking great, keep up with the good work!

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Airports pictures updated.

Thanks @Kilt_McHaggis.

New airports complete:

  • LGKM
  • LGSP

New issues created:

  • LG03
  • LG56
  • LGLM

Airports pictures updated. :)

Amazing work! The airports looks fantastic. Love flying to Greece and the islands there.

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The thread is now updated.

I always wanted to edit an airport in Greece but when I was going to check the images they were all pixelated which was impossible to edit …