Project Greece…🇬🇷 / New LGAV WIP Pictures!

Call me stupid, but does that mean that they aren’t steadily glowing?-

They are, at the moment. I chose that type instead of hold short lights because of the spacing.


Just noticed an error, LGRD is the Air Force base and old airport, LGRP is the current airport.

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Wow 🤩 stunning

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Oh wow! I didn’t know we had them in IF. Thought we only had the steady ones 😆

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Just one word-WOW!


Interesting to see each worked detail, it really brings a lot of realism. We can truly see the hard work in here !

Especially liked the southwing building


Beautiful work on LGAV ! 😍😍

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What is @IF.NORWAY talking about? There is already 3D buildings in LGAV Athens Airport

It can be read everywhere throughout the topic’s thread ;)

They’re reworking it to give it even more detail! :D

Oh wow, I have not been to Athens for a long time and didn’t see that Athens had 3D buildings that would need rework to make it more detailed

If you look through this thread and compare some of the WIP pictures with how it currently is you will understand that this rework makes it much better and more interesting to fly to/from!

Ok, I see some rework photos of LGAV and like I said, I haven’t been to Athens airport with 3D buildings. The last time I went to Athens was in 2020 when there was no 3D buildings at LGAV