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As an Infinite Flight Airport Editor, I have been tasked to produce detailed 3D airports with as many realistic touches as possible. Greece has always been my favourite country (guess why) and I have always wanted to fly above the Greek islands and airports. The Greek community was dissapointed because there weren’t any greek liveries some months ago. The IF artists did look into this issue though and added the Aegean A320 livery. However, the only 3D airport back in the time was the main hub, LGAV, which didn’t include a custom tower. As such, there weren’t many choices… Now, Greece has more than 5 3D detailed airports and many as a WIP. This post will include Work In Progress photos and sneak peeks of the editor.

Airport List


Airport Full Name Released Work In Progress (WIP) Pending Release (PR) Editor’s Perspective Developement Update
LGAV Athens Eleutherios Venizelos Airport Major Rework In Progress
LGSK Skiathos Airport -
LGSM Samos Airport PR - -
LGNX Naxos Airport -
LGKF Kefalonia Airport -
LGRP ¹ Rhodes Airport PR -
LGIR ² Iraklion - Nikos Kazantzakis Airport - -
LGSR ³ Santorini Airport -
LGKC ⁴ Kithira Airport WIP - -
¹ Edtior: @Dan
² Editor: @Moritz
³ Editor: @Jan
⁴ Editor: @DimirtiB

LGSK - Skiathos Airport

Skiathos was my second airport of choice. It was a big challenge as I had to use multiple facades, objects and lines. The most uniqe building is the ATC tower. Not only it stands out from all the other buildings, but it was tricky to build it from scratch. Below, you will see the buildings without the main ATC tower objects and the properties of the terminal (with and without buildings-😉). Enjoy!

Editor's Perspective - LGSK

Main Terminal. Choosing the correct roof type is always the first thing an editor should begin with before editing a 3D building.

Skiathos Airport Area without buildings. Yes, there is an option to hide buildings, objects, even taxi lines!

Skiathos airport, after enabling the option to hide objects, surfaces, lines and runway.

Some extras for Skiathos…(Choosing light type for hold short lines and runway!)

Editor's Perspective - Extras

Line properties. This enables us to edit light type, mark the line as active and more...

Runway properties. Selecting the right side of the runway is a must before editing anything else "-"

LGKF - Kefalonia Airport

Moving on to LGKF, the first airport I managed to find sufficient imagery, in order to include the parking area and all the lines! I have to say it took me days to finalize it but it’s worth the wait, I promise!

By the way, did you know? We can move the entire surface of the airport by a single touch and slide. Check picture #3 for a sneak peek!

Editor's perspective - LGKF

LGKF's main terminal. Behind this area is the parking spot, make sure you use the free camera.

Yes, zebra crossings consist of individual lines copied-pasted nearby!

It's satisfying, don't you think!

LGNX - Naxos Airport

Naxos is an island located close to Mykonos and Paros. Although its’ small airport, Naxos is the biggest island of the three and attracts many tourists due to the unique waters and landmarks!

Small airport = Easy Job . No! Each and every 3D airport requires lots of time and concentration. Below, you will find the airport properties. From there, we set the airport class, FAA name, Frequensies and more!

Editor's Perspective - LGNX

Airport Properties.

Athens Eleutherios Venizelos Airport - LGAV

My home airport! I have always wanted to leave my personal touch on this airport. However, I wanted to get some experience before editing a class Bravo airport, especially that one.

It’s time to officially announce the rework of Athens airport. Moritz has done a great job and editing LGAV wouldn’t have been the same without his help.

Today, we will go through the train station area, lines and overall look with real scenery!

Editor’s Perspective - LGAV

Train Station WIP. The entire rework of LGAV will take some time before the final product is ready.

2D Editing. This is how we edit lines based on real scenery

LGAV with real scenery. It’s only used for editing purposes. No, we can not fly while the real scenery is imported.

Poll - Your feedback needed!


Which of the above is your favourite airport?

    • LGAV

    • LGSK

    • LGNX

    • LGKF

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What should I share next?

    • WIP airports

    • Different Objects (Editor’s Perspective)

    • LGSM full review (Editor’s Perspective)

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As always, stay tuned! 👀

More WIPs will be shared, so make sure you don’t miss them!

Thank you! ♥

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man i live in cyprus a greek island sort of i would love to help but i haven’t gotten approved yet :(


Best of luck with the application! Hope to see you in the team soon! 😃

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if you don’t mind me asking when did you apply and when did you get invited?

I did not apply, I was picked. It’s been nearly a year since that. Back then, only a few selected people had access to the editor. Anyways, my PM is always open for any personal questions. Thank you and again, good luck. ☺️

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I may be wrong but wasn’t Kefalonia already 3D ?

Indeed, I have some fixes ready, that’s why I thought it was not released yet. Thanks for the heads up!

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Looks good mate. Once I get to grips with this as I’m new to it all I’ll be taking on European holiday destination airports. Mainly Greece and Spain so hope I can get cracking with you on your ‘project Greece soon

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Cool stuff! Should me a DM once you think you are ready!

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I’ve always been curious as to how the greek airports were made with satellite imagery, as on Google Earth, the Government had most airfields blurred 😆


It’s not only Google earth. All the maps except from Maxar Imagery have blurred airports due to the reason you stated above.

It’s really hard to see where each line is and sometimes, I have to use real life photos in order to check the exact location of objects, even lines. Samos airport (LGSM) is a great example, however I don’t have the imagery for it.

You can check what I mean though at LGAV:


This looks incredible!!! Keep up the great work. Also heard that LGRP, my home airport, will be released soon (AviatorDan leaked it in a Youtube video). I am hoping to join the team soon. Hopefully Kastelorizo will be free when I join, it seems like a perfect first airport to edit!

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Of course! We are supposed to share all the airports that we have edited individually. If @Dan would like their airport to be added to the list, it would be my pleasure! 😏

Hope to work with you on the same project soon!


Set the time to early morning.

Add it. I’ve recently completed Rhodes. 🙂


Sure thing, thanks Dan! 😊

I know the trick, don’t worry. Sometimes, it’s hard to see the lines even when the sun is not from directly above. I might share some pics from Samos, so you can get what I mean. 😉

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Would love to see this. Because this looks like imagery from the sun not an airport 😂

Even though the airport is not blurred, the imagery is blurred on its own way…

It’s very hard to identify the right lines (especially the yellow ones. Moreover, all of these airports were very recently renovated and new lines were placed on top of other lines without deleting the older ones.

If you deem the sun, you kinda see, but most of the times it’s not enough, especially when you have to redo all the network from the beginning. 😊


Welcome to the Scenery Editing category! 🥂

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