Project Get Kont/Ksbd Popular.

I was reading another post where the author was complaining about why Ontario intl isnt populated. I totally agree. The airport layout is nice. Even though its situated in the middle of the socal region. Flights can still be made to knuc. Kpsp, ksan, mmtj etc. Or even if you want to do a short flight to klax. Stop over crowding knuc and ksan and try a new airport for once. Also san bernadino intl isnt another airport we need crowded.

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Remember, it all depends on where ATC becomes active. The crowd only follows where ATC goes, so if there’s no ATC at KONT or KSBD, then you won’t see a lot of traffic at these airports. :)

San Bernardino actually has no scheduled commercial flights in real life so…

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Ok and? Does knuc have commercial fights. Like that’s not relevant.

But people mostly fly to KNUC because its “long distance” and you get the realistic feel because of its long distance and it’s an island which stimulates new land.

KLGB is a really nice airport. Great for T and G due to its runways

Why make a whole new topic instead of replying to that one?

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MaxSez: @gshazzaam… FYI and future ref, Airport ICAO Code are routinely written in all capital letters i.e.: Kont/KONT or Ksbd/KSBD. (Had to read the topic twice “Get Kont” kinda throw me. LOL!)


Are you the topic police


No… Just trying to keep this forum from duplicate topics. It looks unprofessional and it’s hard to keep track of things when creating duplicate topics.

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