Project Germany | Lets bring Germany to life!

Welcome to the official Project Germany Thread! Here you’ll find every German 3D airport that is either already released or being worked on publicly. The goal of this project is to make every large, as well as many small German airports 3D.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions
When will the <insert any airport> be released?

There is no official date for release. Some time before an upcoming update the infinite flight staff team makes a so-called airport build. This airport build includes all airports that are marked as ready for release by that point. This not only includes new airports but also airports that are already released and have just gotten an update. All airports within this airport build will be released in the next update.

Can you also make <insert your airport> 3D?

The Airport Editing team is currently not taking requests. It’s planned that all airports will be 3D in the future and with the recent opening of applications this will even go faster.

How can I become a Scenery/Airport Editor?

If you would like to become a Scenery Editor go check out this topic which explains everything you need to know and how to apply.

How long will it take until the airports are finished?

There is no fixed date for the completion of all major and many smaller German airports yet.


City ICAO Editor State
Munich EDDM @Moritz released in 21.1
Frankfurt EDDF @AdamCallow @Flying_Pencil @Major-Tom released in 21.5
Dortmund EDLW @Flying_Pencil @NJ24 released in 22.2
Nuernberg EDDN @Marc @Moritz released in 22.4
Köln/Bonn EDDK @brunocr98 released in 22.4
Düsseldorf EDDL @brunocr98 released in 22.5
Stuttgart EDDS @brunocr98 released in 22.5
Erfurt EDDE @XY_MAGIC released in 22.6
Egelsbach EDFE @XY_MAGIC released in 22.6
Leipzig/Halle EDDP @brunocr98 released in 22.6
Nordhorn-Lingen EDWN @RubenJ released in 22.6
Lübeck EDHL @XY_MAGIC released in 22.7
Westerland Sylt EDXW @JulietTango @NJ24 released in 22.7
Lauf-Lillinghof EDQI @XY_MAGIC released in 22.7
Warngau EP07 @Nefarious released in 22.7
Bonn EDKB @Nils_Esser released in 22.8
Osnabrück EDWO @CrazyBee released in 22.8
Münster/Osnabrück EDDG @CrazyBee released in 23.1
Telgte EDLT @CrazyBee released in 23.1
Hamburg EDDH @NJ24 @XY_MAGIC @CrazyBee released in 23.3
Berlin EDDB @Moritz released in 23.1
Rheine Bentlage ETHE @CrazyBee released in 23.1
Saarbrücken EDDR @Nils_Esser WIP
Stadtlohn Vreden EDLS @CrazyBee released in 23.1
Porta-Westfalica EDVY @CrazyBee released in 23.1
Flugplatz Achmer EDXA @CrazyBee released in 23.1
Rheine-Eschendorf EDXE @CrazyBee released in 23.1
Borkenberge EDLB @Nils_Esser released in 23.1
Flugplatz Damme EDWC @CrazyBee released in 23.1
Flugplatz Bohmte EDXD @CrazyBee released in 23.1
Melle Groengau EDXG @CrazyBee released in 23.1
Bielefeld EDLI @CrazyBee released in 23.2
Oerlinghausen EDLO @CrazyBee released in 23.2
Hannover EDDV @_ikerpa_8 released in 23.2
Paderborn Lippstadt EDLP @CrazyBee WIP
Flugplatz Brilon-Thülen EDKO @CrazyBee released in 23.2
Bad Sassendorf EDLZ @CrazyBee WIP
Aachen Merzbrück EDKA @ykaviation WIP

Airport Polls

  1. [finished] Vote for EDDV, EDDW or EDVK

All editors that would like to share a WIP airport within Germany can do so by commenting down bellow. I’ll then simply add it to the list.


Nice Job, I am actually from Deutschland and looking forward to these german airports. Keep it up!


Wow! thanks BEST post I’ve seen in awhile.
Gives us cool information and something to think about !!! (Instead of a little corner of a building and guessing )

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The littel buggers by the top of the tower, wheres my cookie?


@Jumbo-Jan & @Robin3 will like it. 🙂


Here is your 🍪

Good job ! Thank you for this work

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Thank you, and Great job on the tracking thread!

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Thanks for that my friend can’t wait to see all that soon

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I hope we’re lucky and see Berlin Tegel one time such a historic old airport


Looking forward to these airports. Hopefully can take part designing German airports in the near future.

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Next Airport Poll

Welcome to the Next Airport poll. You can vote for the next German Airport that I or any other editor will do!

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more historical would be the Berlin Tempelhof


ooooo nice, did anyone make EDDB yet?

Only the editor that is working on the airport is allowed to share it. And the editing is also not allowed to say which airports are worked on and which not.

Would be cool to have Hannover added as I’ve flown to/from here on a few occasions.

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First of all welcome to the community! And yes I do agree fully. Hannover is a really nice airport.

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Looks utterly amazing bro! Would love to join you, praying I get accepted, and help you bring Germany alive!


Is anyone makking stuggart?? EDDS because the taxi lights dont work


I am only allowed to talk about airports I made. I am also not allowed to confirm anything here. If someone is working on it the editor decides if he wants to share this.