Project Georgia

Welcome to the thread for Project Georgia, the peach state! Georgia is well known for its southern charm and hospitality. From cities with rich, historic pasts such as Savannah and Athens, to our capital Atlanta, home to several large corporations including Home Depot, UPS, Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola, and SunTrust bank. One of the oldest and largest airlines in the world, Delta, has operated the world’s largest airline hub at Hartsfield-Jackson Int’l since 1941. We have large film and agricultural industries, the latter producing movies & shows such as The Walking Dead, Fast & The Furious, and Black Panther. Our booming agriculture industry makes us a top producer of crops such as peanuts, cotton, peaches, and pecans. In fact, we grow one third of the nation’s pecans. The large amount of vast agricultural land creates a large variety of general aviation airports across the region. Join us as we bring more of Georgia’s beautiful airports to 3D!

Airport Editor Status
Hodges Airpark GA39 @SAVRamper In Official Review
Heaven’s Landing GE99 @doctor_slaughter Work in Progress
McKimmon St. Simons Island KSSI @SAVRamper Not yet started
Savannah/Hilton Head Int’l KSAV @NemAir Released in 23.1
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l KATL @Levet Released in 22.1
Fulton County Airport-Brown Field KFTY @NemAir Released in 22.8
Moody Air Force Base KVAD @Asneed8706 Released in 22.1
Madison Municipal Airport 52A @Pilot_InfiniteFlight Released in 23.2
Baldwin County Airport KMLJ @Cml824 Released in 22.8
Bacon County Airport KAMG @Pilot_InfiniteFlight In Official Review
Columbus Airport KCSG @Cml824 In Official Review

Comment any Georgia airports you’d love to see in 3D!



Big thanks to @doctor_slaughter for helping create this thread!


Awesome project!

Just want to let you know that KAMG is in OR right now.

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Awesome thanks! I’ll add it!

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KCSG is also in OR at the moment

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Awesome! I’ll add that aswell