Project Georgia

Project Georgia

What is the objective?

Georgia is a very diverse and beautiful country. In the virtual aviation (aka IF) world not many people fly to this country! Therefore by making airports in this country and making them come true to life, we can cater to a good portion of the air traffic down here!

One thing to note is that Georgia has many beautiful Airports that offer good service and route opportunities with many charter services!

Current Airports in Progress

Airport Name ICAO Airport Editor Status
Tbilisi UGTB @Neman_Rahmani In progress
Batumi UGSB @IF_Jordan In progress

Current Airports Ready For Release

Airport Name ICAO Airport Editor Status

Released Airports

Airport Name ICAO Airport Editor Status

Most of the airports that are ready for release will come in the next update!

Airport Requests

Please note that in this thread suggestions is good, but don’t expect every airport to get built immediately. Airports take a lot of time so patience is key! For larger airports, a poll will be created to see what airport people want the most


I’ve been thinking about this project for a long time , Thank you @Neman_Rahmani , good luck with the 3D production ✅😊


Thank you very much for the support!☺️ You are always welcome to collaborate! (Just hit me up and we will talk if you want too)

Hey there! I am currently working on Batumi if you would like to add that! :)


On it bro! Welcome to Georgia!

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Work will commence soon! I recently gotten the push for the continuation of my projects! I have a few exams left and will commence work here soon! Let’s hope we have the third and last Caucasian capital ready! 🇬🇪🇬🇪 Flights between BAKU, YEREVAN AND TBILISI has never been easier! 🚧👀🔜

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Hi fellow friends and aviation enthusiast’s! As you may know from my other projects I have been quite busy with school and life! I’ve been away from this community for a long time, and God it feels great to be back!☺️😉

Either way I have started the Georgia’n project, with @IF_Jordan joined too😇, we can cater to a bigger portion of the country by editing existing Airports there while ensuring quality too!

Nearly all projects starts with the capital city being done first, and in this case I chose the beautiful ❤️ city of Tbilisi in Georgia 🇬🇪! I’ve been working hard now for the last three days and progress is building up rapidly! Unfortunately I won’t get it ready by 23.2 but it will hopefully come in a later update!

So by that, I will not 🚫 take more of your dear readers time! Therefore I will show you some WIP photo’s taken freshly!

As always, thank you and enjoy


(And thanks for helping me out @IF_Jordan! Can’t wait for Batumi! 👀🔜❤️)


Hi fellow aviator’s! Since I kicked of the project for some days ago, progress have been building up Rapidly!

Therefore I decided to give y’all an insight on the progress so far!

The terminal is done! Maybe 2 or 3 minor details remain but it’s finished! As for the 2D it’s also nearly finished!



Amazingg , good job @Neman_Rahmani 😍✅📌👏🏻👏🏻


Thank you very much bro! ❤️I won’t unfortunately reach the deadline for 23.2 but I will try to have this ready for 23.3, hopefully!

I am working on it every day, so it should in theory be done very soon! As it is one small airport I guess!


Hello people! Guess what? Batumi is now ready for release! 😍😍

Here are some pictures of it!

Batumi (UGSB)


Hi fellow aviators! 😊I will with great disappointment inform you that I have resigned form IFAET! My WIP airports and projects is now forever closed as I have taken this decision unfortunately 😔! I have got myself a full-time job and I do not have so much time to put an effort in it! I know many airports that is sought after by the community that was worked on me ain’t coming out now to say at least but, the good thing is that other Editors In the team has better time, building techniques and detailing in comparison to myself and they may complete ✅ my projects in the not so far Future! I hope you guys can understand my life-situation and my decision! This wasn’t taken lightly at all as this is a privilege given by the beautiful 😍 Infinite Flight LLC Developers and Moderators! I have many airports released around 12 or something which is available in-game already to fly into and support the legacy!
Thank you IFAET And Infinite Flight LLC 😊
Dear regards
Neman Rahmani ☺️
(And to the Editors all WIP by me is up for grabs, can’t wait toy your works on the fields😎)


Is anyone gonna work on Tbilisi?

If you would like I can ask on the editing forum if it has been picked up again from the previous editor!

Sorry but I have had no answer 😊

@E24 @Smelly ^^

If you could id aporeciate that

Read the answer above!

Ok 👌 I’m not planing of doing it tho just wanted to see if someone picked it up already for future reference

I meant if you could check the database