Project France

Hello Everyone 👋,

Today it’s time to launch the Project France, this thread will aim to trace all the French airports in 3D. Let’s goo!

This thread is divided in two parts: In Progress Airports and those already released.

In Progress Airports

Airport Name City ICAO Editor Status
Toussus Le Noble Toussus-Le-Noble LFPN @Laura WIP
Beauvais Tille Beauvais LFOB @Stan7 - @_TIM_49 WIP
Chambéry - Savoie-Mont-Blanc Chambéry LFLB @Siddhansh Peer Review
Angers Marce Angers/Marcé LFJR @_TIM_49 Ready For Release
Montpellier Méditerranée Montpellier LFMT @Maxime_Flying WIP
Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne Biarritz LFBZ @Aiden_Forusz WIP
Le Palyvestre Navy Airport Toulon/Hyères LFTH @Major-Tom WIP
Velizy Vélizy/Villacoublay LFPV @Robertine Peer Review
Lyon St Exupery Lyon LFLL @Stan7 WIP
Annecy Haute Savoie Mont Blanc Annecy LFLP @BorderAviation WIP
Terre-De-Haut Guadeloupe TFFS @Kelyan123 WIP

Released Airports:

Airport Name City ICAO Editor Status
Paris Charles De Gaulle Paris LFPG @Alexandre - @DeerCrusher Released in 21.1
Toulouse Blagnac Toulouse LFBO @Moritz Released in 22.3
Nantes Atlantique Airport Nantes LFRS @Lawin_S Released in 22.5
Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg LFSB @Marc Released in 21.3
Poitiers Biard Poitiers LFBI @Alexandre - @Major-Tom Released in 22.1
Nice-Cote D’azur Nice LFMN @Flying_Pencil - @NJ24 Released in 22.2
Bordeaux Merignac Bordeaux LFBD @Alexandre Released in 22.5
St Catherine Calvi LFKC @Marina Released in 22.6
Figari Sud Corse Figari LFKF @Maxime_Flying Released in 22.6
Brest Bretagne Brest LFRB @Sami_Fajita_Air Released in 22.4
Roland Garros Saint-Denis FMEE @Chris_Wing Released in 21.3
Martinique Aimé Césaire Intl Fort-de-France TFFF @Balloonchaser - @Ecoops123 Released in 21.3
Tahiti Faa’a Intl Papeete NTAA @DeerCrusher Released in 21.3
Moorea Temae Moorea Temae NTTM @DeerCrusher Released in 21.3
Huahine Fare Huahine Fare NTTH @DeerCrusher Released in 21.3
Raiatea Raiatea NTTR @DeerCrusher - @Zachary Released in 21.3
Bora Bora Bora Bora NTTB @DeerCrusher Released in 21.3
Murutea Airport Murutea Airport NTGS @LordWizrak Released in 22.6
Noumea La Tontouta Nouméa NWWW @black Released in 22.5
St Martin - Grand Case St Martin TFFG @DeerCrusher Released in 22.1
Courchevel Courchevel LFLJ @Marc Released in 22.2
Soulac Sur Mer Soulac LFDK @Shane Released in 22.2
Deauville Normandie Deauville LFRG @Tsumia Released in 22.2
Saint Inglevert Les Deux Caps Saint Inglevert LFIS @Tsumia Released in 22.1
L’Alpe D’huez Bourg LFHU @Robertine Released in 22.6
La Ferté Alais La Ferté Alais LFFQ @Robertine Released in 22.6
Dzaoudzi Padmanzi Inte Mayotte FMCZ @Butter0 Released in 22.7
Chelles Le Pin Chelles/Le Pin LFPH @Robertine Released in 22.7
Mortagne Au Perche Mortagne Au Perche LFAX @Stan7 Released in 22.7
La Baule-Escoublac La Baule LFRE @Mathurin_Garcier Released in 22.7

The Map

(French Polynesia is not included for reasons of space).

Thanks to the editors for working hard to make all these airports ;)

We do not take airport requests but you can become an airport editor here: Infinite Flight Airport Editing Application

Thanks to @Robertine, @Mathurin_Garcier and @Teized for the help with this thread.
And many thanks to Infinite Design for the banner and the map!

If I have forgotten an airport, don’t hesitate to ask me to add it.
Note to IFAETs: if airports are not listed here, it is just possible that the editor did not want to make it public so feel free to send me a private message :)


Gotta love LFRB 🙌🙌


Beautiful topic and good luck for Lyon

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Yes! This is going to be a great airport! @Stan7 does good work…. I hope 😜


Pov: there are no rectangular buildings in this airport and the editor does not allow round shapes 🥲

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Is the train station too far out to be made? It would be a tricky job for sure

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I will do my best in any case ☺️

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Hoping to be able to do LFLS when I become an editor, but I don’t know how long that will be, and someone may have started work on it already. But nonetheless I’d love to see it 3D wether I have an input or not!


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Tower IRL

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