Project Florida GA

Project Florida General Aviation

Hey there! I’ve decided to create this project as an effort to make flying GA aircraft around Florida a more enjoyable experience.

Florida is a big hub in the general aviation industry and with this project, we can bring that to Infinite Flight.

Contributors(so far):

Bold means done

Airports to do:

  • KCEW
  • KCOI
  • KCRG
  • KCTY
  • KDTS
  • KIMM
  • KLCQ
  • KLEE
  • KLNA
  • KOBE
  • KOCF
  • KORL
  • KSUA
  • KTIX
  • KVDF
  • KVNC
  • KZPH
  • KBKV
  • X60
  • X50
  • KDED
  • 28J
  • KAVO
  • 42J
  • KMAI
  • KFIN
  • KCGC
  • KPHK
  • KCHN
  • 7FL6
  • KOMN
  • KFPY
  • F95
  • X07
  • FL59
  • KHEG
  • X13

If you know any more active GA airports in Florida that have an ICAO please comment down below.


KDAB, KVRB, KPMP, KFMY, FA54, KCDK, that’s a few

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those were already edited, we are trying to edit airports that currently don’t have any scenery

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I think KHER might be a good one to do in Jacksonville, it has a lot of runways and there aren’t any spots to spawn besides the runways right now.

Woah!!! This sounds dope! Very excited to see updates in the future and to fly to some of these places :)

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This is great! KAPF is a cool airport you could do too.

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KAPF was already edited, however i will check if we are able to rework on it since it was last edited on 2016!

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are you sure you got the right ICAO? couldnt find any airport with ICAO “KHER”

KFXE, KBCT and KPBI are all GA airports that get pretty good traffic and are close to my hometown :)

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Sorry ICAO is KHEG

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added to the list!

thats cool! i literally just landed the C750 at KBCT!

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here is the first airport, X50

KORL done


KPHK - Palm Beach Co. Glades