Project Fighter Bases


Hi fighter pilot community,

Here comes a new project. Triggered by the announcement of the A-10 rework it should make it possible to fly with fighters more realistic.
The goal is to have all airbases that host permanent units of the fighters available in IF edited.
I have made a list that may also help choosing a real world base for your fighter of choice.
IF Air Bases
There are already a nice number available, by example all Airbases with activ F-14 are already edited. ;-)
Personally I would try to add A-10 Bases before the rework release. After that I would set a new priority.
Regards, Airport Editor Tom


First addition; KLSV Nellis Afb
66th Weapons Squadron with A-10s
57th Wing with F-16s and F-22s


Details East

DOE Ramp and Transient East

LOLA Thunder Flight

Bomber Pad


A-10s single lane, F16s dual lane
Spot 1 and 2 reserved for returning acf with HotGun or Hung condition

Details West

Row 20 to 28

Row 30 to 36 including Raptor Flight and Thunderbirds

Row 37 to 46 ,several F16 Units

Transient West

old Version


Truly appreciate you working on this one. Wish it would of been on the new update since GAF was planning on hosting RedFlag in mid July but we’ll patiently wait. Glad to know it’s getting looked at as well as other bases.


@art_martinez Thanks for the flowers!
Unfortunately it is unlikely that there will be another scenery push before your event. It is not in the hands of the editing Team when the airports that we finished make it in the scenery in IF. And with the closing date for the last scenery update at the 22. of June Nellis missed this by 4 days.

Hope you enjoy it anyway later when it gets available in IF.



Looks good! I might help you if I get the time…oh and btw under the ‘Details East’, ‘Details West’ and ‘Old version’ there aren’t any pictures


Ahh, Yes. I have dropped them by accident… thx for the information



another large A-10 Base:
RKSO Osan Air Base, South Korea



Draggin’s Liar, Home of the 25th Fighter Squadron with its A-10C’s

The “Flow”, hot refuelling area

Alpha Diamond, F-16’s:

Bravo Diamond, F-16’s:

Charly Diamond, and 5th Reconnaissance Squadron Ramp:

Cargo A, Doorstop Ramp:

Cargo B, Base Ops Ramp:

Cargo C, AMC Ramp:

Hope you will enjoy with the next scenery push.


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…and now for something completely different…

an F/A-18 Base!
MCAS Iwakuni Japan



Civil Apron

North-West Ramp

AFDS and MAG-Ramp


VMGR-Ramp and Transient Ramp

and, as a special, the Seaplane ramp

previous version:

This Airport is part of Project Japan

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Project Japan

I’m excited about the numerous projects I’ve seen posted, but forgive my ignorance what third-party app does this apply to? Thank you.


Those are the airport layouts that are going into the Database of Infinit flight.
Or do you want to know withe wich App this was edited? That is WED: world editor developed tonedit airports for X-Plane.


Question: why are the taxiway centerline lights only on the short way to the civil apron and not beginning at the runway? Just curious


Different authorities. The Taxyway H to the civil Apron is built by the Japanese airport owner, the rest is built under US Marine Corps authority. US forces airfields did not have centreline lights by standard.


Thanks Major Tom, that’s exactly what I needed to know. I was interested in whether or not those designs will be incorporated into infinite fight. Thanks again!


ETAD Spangdahlem AB, Germany

Home of the 52nd Fighter Wing and the 726th Air Mobility Squadron.



Ramp 1 and 2 for Squadrons, and 3 for transient:

Ramp 4 Fighter Transient:

Ramp 5 AMS:

Ramp 6 AMS:

South Area HAS 1. Gen , could host A10C’s:

North Area HAS 1.Gen, hosts F-16s and up to F-22:

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Looks like GAF will be opening U.S. bases oveseas soon here. Fantastic work!


Hi, thanks to @Levet we have now completet all Bases that have active A-10C Squadrons in real world!
He did KMTN Warfield ANG at Martin State Airport in Maryland USA.

Home of the ANG 175th Wing






State Police:


EHVK, EHLW are 2 dutch rnlaf airforce bases with f16s. Maybe something to put on your list:-)


Hi @nick_Koops,

in the first Post is a GoogleSpreadSheet Linked (IF-Fighter-Bases). They are already in the List, so it will come at a certain but unknown point.

As always for AirportEditing: there is no way to request or enforce any Airport to be edited.
If you want a specific airport to be done you are hereby invited to do it yourselve. ;-)

Regards, Tom


Ow i am sorry! I look at the list and didnt see them😑


No problem, there can always changes in real world or airfields I have missed. And sometimes there are people not starting at the beginning of a thread, so I used your question to as reminder.