Project Europe Part 1

This is the first installment in my six part project to complete and update all airports in Europe. Each part will contain seven of the forty two total countries in Europe, and will be posted after the previous part is complete. I will go through each country in each part alphabetically, and I will complete all the missing airports, as well as eventually go back and update the ones which aren’t up to current standards. The full list for part one is below, if you see any mistakes in the list, feel free to mention them. Airports can have four possible tags, which are quite self explanatory, they are Incomplete, Not Up to Standards, Missing New Area, and Complete. The goal is that by the end of this project, all airports in each project will have the Complete tag. If any of my fellow IFAET members would like to help out, help is always appreciated. Additionally, if you find this topic and aren't already in IFAET, but want to help, you can join by following the instructions in the top pinned thread in the Developer category. Below is a graphic of the seven countries in this first part. These countries are Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and Croatia.

The List
Country and Airport Status Completed By Buildings
LAKO Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LAKU Missing New Area @Oscar_Conklin No
LAKV Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LASR Incomplete n/a No
LATI Complete @Ecoops123 No
LOAA Complete @brunocr98 No
LOAB Complete @brunocr98 No
LOAD Complete @brunocr98 No
LOAG Complete @brunocr98 No
LOAN Complete @brunocr98 No
LOAR Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOAS Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOAU Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOAV Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOGF Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOGG Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOGI Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOGK Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOGL Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOGM Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOGO Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOGP Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOGT Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOGW Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOIH Complete @brunocr98 No
LOIJ Not up to Standards @Moritz No
LOIK Not up to Standards @Moritz No
LOIR Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOKF Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOKG Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOKH Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOKL Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOKM Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOKN Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOKR Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOKW Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOLC Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOLE Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOLF Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOLG Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOLH Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOLK Not up to Standards @BavariaAVIATION No
LOLM Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOLO Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOLS Not up to Standards @BavariaAVIATION No
LOLT Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOLU Not up to Standards @Moritz No
LOLW Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOSM Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LOWG Complete @brunocr98 No
LOWI Complete @brunocr98 No
LOWK Complete @brunocr98 No
LOWL Complete @brunocr98 No
LOWS Complete @brunocr98 No
LOWW Complete @brunocr98 No
LOWZ Complete @brunocr98 No
LOXA Complete @Major-Tom No
LOXN Complete @Major-Tom No
LOXT Complete @Major-Tom No
LOXZ Complete @Major-Tom No
UMBB Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMBK Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMDD Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMGG Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
UMGI Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMII Not up to Standards @ErshovlaD No
UMIO Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMLI Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMMA Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMMG Complete @Ohagi No
UMMI Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMMK Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMMO Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMMS Complete @Claudio No
UMNB Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMNI Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMNL Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMNM Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMNS Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
UMOO Complete @Ohagi No
EBAM Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBAR Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBAV Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBAW Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBBE Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBBL Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBBN Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBBR Missing New Area @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBBT Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBBX Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBBY Complete @Baba No
EBBZ Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBCF Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBCI Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBCV Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBDT Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBFN Complete @Major-Tom No
EBFS Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBGB Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBGG Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBHN Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBIS Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBKH Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBKT Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBLE Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBLG Missing New Area @Major-Tom No
EBLN Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBMG Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBML Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBMO Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBNE Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBNM Complete @Sami_Fajita_Air No
EBOR Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBOS Complete @GBKarp No
EBSG Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBSH Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBSL Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBSM Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBSP Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBST Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBSU Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBTN Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBTX Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBTY Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBUL Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBWE Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBZH Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBZR Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
EBZU Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
EBZW Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
Bosnia and Herzegovina
LQBI Complete @Major-Tom No
LQBK Complete @Major-Tom No
LQBZ Complete @Major-Tom No
LQCG Complete @Major-Tom No
LQGL Complete @Major-Tom No
LQJL Complete @Major-Tom No
LQKR Complete @Major-Tom No
LQLH Complete @Major-Tom No
LQLV Complete @Major-Tom No
LQMO Complete @Major-Tom No
LQMP Complete @Major-Tom No
LQNI Complete @Major-Tom No
LQPD Complete @Major-Tom No
LQPP Complete @Major-Tom No
LQSA Complete @Major-Tom No
LQSC Complete @Major-Tom No
LQTZ Complete @Major-Tom No
LQVI Complete @Major-Tom No
LBBA Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBBB Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBBG Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBBL Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBBO Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBBQ Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBBR Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBBZ Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBDA Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBDB Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBDM Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBDR Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBGD Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBGI Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBGO Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBGR Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBHT Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBIA Complete @Oscar_Conklin No
LBKJ Incomplete n/a No
LBKL Incomplete n/a No
LBLS Incomplete n/a No
LBMA Incomplete n/a No
LBMO Incomplete n/a No
LBPD Complete @Ohagi No
LBPG Incomplete n/a No
LBPL Incomplete n/a No
LBPR Incomplete n/a No
LBRD Incomplete n/a No
LBRS Incomplete n/a No
LBSA Incomplete n/a No
LBSB Incomplete n/a No
LBSE Incomplete n/a No
LBSF Complete @Major-Tom No
LBSW Incomplete n/a No
LBSZ Incomplete n/a No
LBTS Incomplete n/a No
LBVR Incomplete n/a No
LBWB Incomplete n/a No
LBWN Not up to Standards @skotshi No
LD57 Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
LDDU Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
LDLO Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
LDOB Incomplete n/a No
LDOC Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
LDOR Incomplete n/a No
LDOS Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
LDOV Incomplete n/a No
LDPL Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
LDPM Incomplete n/a No
LDPN Incomplete n/a No
LDPV Incomplete n/a No
LDRG Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
LDRI Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
LDRO Incomplete n/a No
LDSB Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
LDSH Incomplete n/a No
LDSP Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
LDSS Incomplete n/a No
LDVA Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
LDVC Incomplete n/a No
LDVD Incomplete n/a No
LDVK Incomplete n/a No
LDVR Incomplete n/a No
LDZA Not up to Standards @brunocr98 No
LDZB Incomplete n/a No
LDZC Incomplete n/a No
LDZD Not up to Standards @Kilt_McHaggis No
LDZE Incomplete n/a No
LDZJ Incomplete n/a No
LDZK Incomplete n/a No
LDZL Incomplete n/a No
LDZR Incomplete n/a No
LDZS Incomplete n/a No
LDZU Incomplete n/a No

Looks awesome Oscar! Can’t wait to see this finished.

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This is a quick update regarding what has already been completed. Firstly, I completed the three remaining airports in Albania. I plan to go back and redo Tirana when imagery of its updated taxiways is released. This completed Albania.

After completing Albania, I moved on to the next country, Austria. There were 33 remaining airports in Austria, all of which I managed to complete in about a week. I will eventually get around to updating the five remaining airports in Austria, which are not up to standards. However, due to the difficulty in getting assigned to small airfields like those, if a supervisor would like to do those for me, I would greatly appreciate it. This completed Austria.

After completing the first two countries, I moved on to the third, Belarus. So far, I have completed five of the previously incomplete airports. Those were (in the same order as the images below) UMBB and UMIO, the two remaining commercial airports in Belarus, UMBK and UMDD, two air bases, and UMGI, a GA airfield. Stay tuned for more airports in Belarus!


How and what app/programs do you use to do this?

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UMLI - Minsk Machulishchy Air Base - Belarus


UMMA - Baranavichi Air Base - Belarus

UMMI - Lipki Air Base - Belarus

UMMK - Ozerki Aerodrome - Belarus

UMMO - Osovtsy Air Base - Belarus

I've been fairly busy updating other airport of mine and doing Peer Reviews; however, this did not mean I wasn't working on this project in the background. With the completion of these airports, only five airports remain incomplete in Belarus. I hope to finish Belarus in the next few days.


UMNB - Babruisk Air Base - Belarus

UMNL - Luninets Air Base - Belarus

These two airports were the last two air bases which still needed to be completed in Belarus. Now, all that remains for Belarus are three small general aviation airfields, which should be completed shortly.


Tom, I don’t see the need of you to post this in a public forum. I don’t see why you couldn’t message him privately albeit on this forum or discord


UMNI - Kukoviatsino Aerodrome - Belarus

UMNM - Novo-Pashkovo Airfield - Belarus

UMNS - Bobruisk Aeroclub - Belarus

With the completion of these three airfields, Belarus's incomplete airports are now all complete! Time to begin Belgium!


While I haven’t posted here in over a week, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. After completing Belarus, I began Belgium. I have now completed all previously undone airports in Belgium. Below are the 25 Belgian airports which I completed.

EBAM - Amougies

EBAR - Sterpenich

EBBN - Büllingen

EBBX - Jehonville Air Base

EBCV - Chièvres Air Base

EBDT - Schaffen

EBGG - Geraardsbergen Overboelare

EBHN - Hoevenen

EBIS - Isières

EBKT - Kortrijk/Wevelgem Intl

EBMG - Matagne-La-Petite

EBMG - Matagne-La-Petite

EBML - Maillen

EBMO - Moorsele

EBNE - Neerpelt

EBOR - Orchimont

EBSG - Saint-Ghislain

EBSH - Saint-Hubert

EBSM - Verrebroek

EBSU - Saint-Hubert Air Base

EBTN - Goetsenhoven

EBTX - Theux

EBTY - Maubray

EBUL - Ursel

EBUL - Ursel

EBZH - Kiewit

EBZU - Zuienkerke


Amazing job Oscar!!!

Can’t wait to see what comes next.


Nice job so far in Part 1! I’m preparing myself for the next group of airports you have ready. 😬


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