Project Cold: Alaska's Cargo Hub || PANC is IN PROGRESS!

You all have been asking for this airport for a while, but the time has come for me to share another project.

Project Cold: Alaska’s Cargo Hub

Ted Stevens International Airport is coming to a device near you very soon! Follow this thread for unique updates and WIP pictures of the progress of PANC.

About Ted Stevens International Airport

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is a crucial global hub within a 9.5-hour reach of 90% of the industrial world. Ranked second in the US for cargo aircraft landed weight, following Memphis, TN, it also stands as the fourth busiest airport globally for cargo throughput. Serving over 5 million passengers annually, the airport is the world’s largest and most active floatplane base. Remarkably, it supports around 15,577 jobs within the airport and its surrounding community, contributing significantly to Anchorage’s economy with earnings totaling $1 billion, representing one in ten jobs in the city.

Airport Progress

Airport Properties
  • All Airport Properties have nearly been completed. Need to add Frequenices of the Airport
    (95% Completed)

Taxiway Lines
  • Taxiway lines have been started south of RWY 25L (45% Completed)
  • Pavements have not been started (0% Completed)
  • Started on the South side of RWY25L (5% Completed)


3D Work Has NOT Started

Other Editors DO NOT have permission to share photos of this airport when it is a WIP without my permission.

If there are any questions, I am more than happy to answer them. If you have any recent images (within the last 2 Years please send them my way via PM or on this thread.


Thank god about time!. Thank you making panc a reality I cant wait!


I’m glad you’re excited! I’m keen to make this Cargo Hub a reality within Infinite Flight.


I cant wait. Did you that anc is the 3d largest aircraft for cargo in the world


YAY! I’m so excited! The first route I’m going to do is Barrow-Anchorage.


Awesome this is gonna open so many new routes from the usa and Asia thank you so much

I’ll be doing MSP-ANC.

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@A320_Flyerboy19 If you ever need help finding resources let me know. I’m great at finding stuff on the internet. I’v also know the anc layout well because I fly there every year for a job of mine. Feel free to dm! I would love to help out

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Thank you! Finally after what felt like the longest wait ever (to include still waiting on IFAET entry myself) it is in the works thanks to @A320_Flyerboy19 ! If you have any questions or need any references, I am your guy. PANC has been home for my entire life. (My only request is for you to please try to show a paved Victor taxiway connecting PANC and PALH.)

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Will the remake of panc also include the seaplane base and lake?

Unfortunately I doubt so… will be cool though!

It will not include the seaplane base and lake.

In Infinite Flight, it is two different airport ICAOs. I might edit that airport too, but I am not sure what 3d there is to do besides abut load of 2d work.

That taxiway will be included.


Major Update

PALH, the Lakehood Sea Plane base, has been added to project PANC. PALH will hopefully be completed and released at the same time as PANC. The gravel strip and all parking surrounding the seaplane base will be included.

@Topgottem Your wish has been granted!


Any updates on the progress so far?

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Now we’ve gotta add seaplanes!

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Just doing 2D line work south of RWY 25B and pavement work. I’ve requested imagery for PALH and 2D upgrades should start soon.

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Noice I cant wait!


How PANC looking?

Snowy and cold.

In all seriousness, PANC hasn’t been touched in a bit. I just sent KCRW to OR and wanna get the 2d Rework at KMCI done before I commit PANC fully.

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