Project CIS

Project CIS Countries

Countries that will be included in one project:

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan (check Azerbaijan thread for more info: Project Azerbaijan)
  • Belarus
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Moldova
  • Russia
  • Tajikistan
  • Uzbekistan

What is CIS?

CIS is Commonwealth of Independent States.
All countries described above are members of CIS.

Why are there so many countries in one project?

Almost all countries have not more than 10 airports (Armenia - 2 commercial airports and 1 military base, for example. And creation of separate projects for 7-8 countries with <10 airport in each is hmm… weird, so I combined them in one.


ICAO Name Region 3D Contributors Status
UDYZ Yerevan Zvartnots Yerevan @Alexorlov Ready for Release


Original post - Project Azerbaijan

ICAO Name Region 3D Contributors Status
UBBB Baku Heydar Aliyev Intl Baku @lucaviness & @Alexorlov Released in 22.8
UBBL Lenkoran Lankaran Region @Alexorlov Ready for Release
UBBN Nakhchivan Naxcivan Region @Alexorlov Released in 22.8
UBBQ Gabala Gabala Region @lucaviness Released in 22.01
UBBY Zagatala Zagatala Region @Alexorlov Ready for Release


ICAO Name Region 3D Contributors Status


ICAO Name Region 3D Contributors Status
UAAA Almaty Int’l Almaty City @TaipeiGuru & @Ecoops123 Released in 21.6


ICAO Name Region 3D Contributors Status
UCFM Bishkek Manas Int’l Chuy Oblast @Asneed8706, @Major-Tom & @Alexorlov Released in 22.1


ICAO Name Region 3D Contributors Status


ICAO Name Region 3D Contributors Status
ULAM Naryan-Mar Nenets Autonomous Okrug @Nikita_D Released in 22.8
UMKK Kaliningrad Khrabrovo Kaliningrad Oblast @Nikita_D Submitted for Review
URSS Sochi Adler Int’l Krasnodar Krai @DeerCrusher & @Alexorlov Released in 21.1
USTJ Tobolsk Remezov Tyumen Oblast - @Alexorlov Updated 2D Layout released in 22.2
USTR Tyumen Roshchino Tyumen Oblast @Nikita_D Ready for Release
USUU Kurgan Kurgan Oblast @malitra Work In Progress
UUBC Kaluga Grabtsevo Kaluga Oblast @Alexorlov Released in 22.2
UUDD Moscow Domodedovo Int’l Moscow Oblast @Dan & @Alexorlov Released in 21.2
UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo Int’l Moscow Oblast @Alexorlov Released in 22.6
UUIG Dobrograd Airfield Vladimir Oblast @Alexorlov Released in 22.1
UUML Severka Airfield Moscow Oblast @Alexorlov Released in 22.3
UWKJ Yoshkar-Ola Mari El Republic @Nikita_D Released in 22.7
UWOR Orsk Orenburg Oblast @Nikita_D Released in 22.8
UWSG Saratov Gagarin Saratov Oblast @Alexorlov Released in 22.2
UWSW Balashov Repnoye Airfiled Saratov Oblast @malitra Ready for Release


ICAO Name Region 3D Contributors Status


ICAO Name Region 3D Contributors Status
UTSS Samarkand Samarqand Region @Alexorlov Updated 2D Layout released in 22.6

Am I allowed to request airports?
Basicly, airport editors don’t take requests, BUT you can join the team and make airport that you want.

Small reminder - WIP images of airports don’t mean that the airport will be added in the next update.
And don’t go off-topic, this thread is for airports.

Everyone is free to choose the airport that you want to do. Other editors are welcome to participate in project and publish their WIP photos.


Good luck with this project! Can’t wait for this underrepresented region to rise in 3D!

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Are you speaking for yourself or the entire IFAET team? I’ve seen people accepting requests.

Great project and I wish you good luck.

Flying in Uzbekistan has been one of the most awsome experiences in infinite flight for me. Im ready to see more airports in this region. Good luck!

Mostly no one accepts requests, I know the only one editor, who does it.


This is really exciting, can’t wait to see this region get some more attention!


Why no UUWW? It’s 3rd biggest airport in Moscow

  1. We already have both UUEE and UUDD in 3D. Also both of them are much popular than VKO.
  2. I spent more than 6 months on UUEE. UUWW is gonna take probably the same. So I decided to make smaller airports, like UBBB and UBBN
  3. The goal is to make all airports in 3D. Yes, it’ll take some time, but they will be 3D eventually.

This is an amazing thread! Great work!

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Happy new 2023! Entering the new year with 2 new airports that are almost completed!

Yerevan Zvartnots - UDYZ in Armenia

Tyumen Roshchino - USTR by @Nikita_D


Amazing level of detail. Must fly to these airports! Great work :)


Very realistic as always :))))))))) , Bravo Alex and Nikita.


Wow, just no comments guys, this is absolutely stunning! Perfect start of the year)

how can i join the team?

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Hey, @flyingorange, to join the team read this post Infinite Flight Airport Editing Application and fill the form. One day you’ll receive a lucky message from DeerCrusher. You just need to wait, because a lot of people want to join the team and because invitations temporarily are on hold


thank you, I hope that someday I can help you, especially in Russia ❤️🇧🇷🤝🇷🇺


Hello everyone!

Good news, UMKK Kaliningrad Khrabrovo airport is almost ready and was submitted for review.