Project China | New WIP!

how long does 1 airport take

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It depends on the airport size, the time available for the editor and their proficiency. Results may vary.

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What about Terminal 2 being 3D at Guangzhou Airport, I would love to see that

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so for example how long does this one take

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Pretty sure for it takes 4-10 months or something on average for the very large ones like Shanghai Pudong international airport (just guessing)

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Shanghai Pudong is now in glorious 3D!

Enjoy the preview made by @Zuhair.Mazhar !


I’m so happy to see so many Chinese Airports are become 3D!!!


Cannot wait to become one of editors and creat the airport of my hometown.It’s also my biggest dream in recent months!!

Oh my god!ZSPD!

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Shanghai’s two airpoorts are both 3D! Ahhhh I‘m going to die~


Really happy to see that ZSPD is in progress!😄


Shanghai Hongqiao 3D released with 22.7 yayyyyyyy

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🔔New release!

ZSSS, ZSQD and ZSTX is released in 22.7. Enjoy!


How about VHHH third runway system?

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The editor will get to it when the imagery is available. Stay tuned!

🔔New WIP Reveal!

I’ve been working on ZJHK for a long time and it gives me headache when I try to fill the empty area between terminals with adequate buildings. I’m still experimenting and here’s the result I’ve come up with so far.


I love the roof and the wall patterns!

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🔔New Airport (literally) !🔔

An airport surrounded by scenic (yet dangerous) mountain peaks, Xichang Qingshan Airport (ZUXC) is built from scratch, almost done and aiming for next release!

What I mean by "built from scratch"

This was a hopeless default airfield before I worked on it:


Great work! Love to see the transformation from an autogen airport to a completed airport!

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