Project China | New WIP!

Project China

Credit: @Korgast

Today, @Korgast and I are proud to announce the start of Project China! The ultimate goal is to make most of the airports in China 3D (Some cannot be done due to various reasons). Airports with outdated layouts will also receive updates in the future. We will make sure that our productions represent real life as precisely as possible.

The general goal is to have 1 major airport and 2-3 small to medium airports done every release cycle. However it’s not guaranteed that they all make their way to the next release.

We will not take requests at this time but will try to cater for community needs.

Current airports worked by us:

ICAO Name Editor Status
ZLDH Dunhuang Mogao @Korgast Released in 22.3
ZGSZ Shenzhen Bao’an Intl @Korgast Released in 22.5
ZUDC Daocheng Yading @Korgast Released in 22.5
ZSSS Shanghai Hongqiao Intl @Korgast Ready for release
ZUZH Panzhihua Baoanying @FlightGT Released in 22.6
ZBUC Ulanqab Jining @FlightGT Released in 22.6
ZJHK Haikou Meilan Intl @FlightGT 3D WIP
ZSQD Qingdao Jiaodong Intl @FlightGT Ready for release
ZSCN Nanchang Changbei Intl @black Released in 22.6
ZSLG Lianyungang Huaguoshan @FlightGT Released in 22.6
ZUCK Chongqing Jiangbei Intl @Siddhansh Released in 22.6
ZSJD Jingdezhen Luojia @zhutwentysix Waiting for review
ZGDY Zhangjiajie Hehua @black Ready for release
ZUXC Xichang Qingshan @FlightGT WIP
ZSTX Huangshan Tunxi @FlightGT Ready for release
ZSPD Shanghai Pudong @Levet @Zuhair.Mazhar WIP

Other editors, we sincerely welcome you to this project! If you are willing to share your work of a Chinese airport, feel free to post below and I’ll add it to the list!


I’m excited to see what you guys cook up. Looking forward to more airports in china.


This is so nice !! Thanks to everyone working on this project !


I’m very excited to fly out of them!


When i will become IFAET, I’ll definitely help out with you guys! Excited for Shenzhen to be released!


Looking forward for these 3D airports. They are very good destinations for in country flights.


Astonishing work! Thanks!

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Taipei would be suited for Project Taiwan. Requests are not allowed so not that useful…

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just a comment, but ok! 😅

We’re intentionally avoiding doing airports in Taiwan island, as we could face a dilemma when defining the country it belongs to.
Sorry about that.

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alright, thanks for clarifying. i guess i’ll just make one myself when i get in!

I have to say, you two are doing a great job! I can’t wait to see more 3D Airports! NE!!!


Nice job! Looking forward to providing a hand if I am recruited!

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Latest WIP: Qingdao Jiaodong Int’l (ZSQD) !


Woooooah Daocheng Yading is 3D!!! Can’t wait to fly into it :)


ZGGG please!


Looks nice hopefully we can get Beijing Daxing soon 🔜

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Hopefully Guangzhou (ZGGG) is up here soon!

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ZSSS!lets goooooooo


Nice work!