Project Canada

Also… thank you


👋 Hey Wonderful airport editors doing 🇨🇦 Canada
Is there a chance anyone is doing the Capital of the Northwest Territories Yellowknife (CYZF)
I Can’t wait to see that one ☝️! Rankin Inlet (CYRT)Looks Great especially that Green tower is so unique 😉

Editors don’t take requests for airports, though this is a Project Canada thread it will likely be added in the future

Small but beautiful 👀

Fly out to it once it’s 3D!


@Chris_Hoss it wasn’t a Request
Sorry for the misunderstanding it was a question if anyone was editing Yellowknife to a 3D airport
I’m interested in the Arctic Airports as my current is Lutselk’e CYLK (Where I Live)Thanks to @Ecoops123

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Hey @CanadianNorth If you want to edit 3D airports, please sign up for Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team (IFAET). Will link the link to apply below :)

Cheers, Rye.

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When i hopefully acquire my editing licence I’ll probably do a poll on what small airport to do

I’d definitely be interested once I’ve got more space on my plate. Although when that’ll be… i have no clue :p.

Ouu yea. I’m in school about 45 minutes from there. Skiing and Hiking all around the Blue Mountains and Bruce Peninsula.

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Looks great!!!


New Canadian airport coming soon 👀

CYKF - Waterloo Airport | Tracking Thread


Crossing my finger that Abbotsford airport will be next I really wanna do Abbotsford to Calgary!

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I’m not sure if anyone is working on London (CYXU) at the moment, but that would be great if someone could do it. I know the airport inside and out now it feels like, and I’d be happy to help with where everything is and what kinds of buildings should be placed.

I thank everyone who has worked on this project as there is such a wide variety of scenery and routes to explore in Canada. I now just hope for a 3D airport in Manitoba so all our provinces and territories have at least one 3D airport!

I would love to do CYHM!

That would be a great one, I can’t actually remember if Infinite Flight has Swoop or not, but if they do then this would open up lots of routes

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Ah, unfortunately they don’t, but yes that would be amazing to have for sure!!! You can request it here:

Swoop 737-800

CYQQ - Canadian Forces Base Comox 🇨🇦

Shown above is the CVAC terminal and airline parking apron. CYQQ typically accommodates Bombardier Dash 8 - Q400, Boeing 737, SAAB-340, and Beechcraft 1900 aircraft types on this apron.

Here is the Military Apron at CFB Comox. It can quite often be filled to the brim with Military Aircraft from the Canadian Armed Forces or even USAF aircraft such as the F-35, P-3 Orion, and the C130 Hercules.

Finally, we have the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) Hanger. This is where Canada stores up to four McDonnell Douglas CF-18A Hornets. These Hornets are kept on alert readiness 24 hours around the clock ready to defend NATOs large airspace.

CYQQ has been approved for release and will be included in the next update to Infinite Flight. Looking forward to all of you Canadian Airport enthusiasts enjoying this new addition to Project Canada! 🇨🇦😄


Is CYXX coming Abbotsford airport?

New airport coming on Canada, PEI

CYSU - Summerside

Glad to be doing this beauty for all we Canadians