Project Canada (43%)

I suppose I’m a bit late, but with the new nav update that came in 21.3, here’s all the airports of mine that you’ll be able to see:

CEA# - CEQ# Airports

CEA5 - Hardisty Airport

CEA6 - Cardston Airport

CYVL - Colville Lake/Tommy Kochon Airport (Previously CEB3)

CEB4 - Rockyford/Early Bird Air Airport

CEB5 - Fairview Airport

CEB8 - Essex/Billing Airstrip Airport


CEC3 - Fox Lake Airport

CEC4 - Jasper/Hinton Airport

CED3 - Oyen Municipal Airport


CED4 - Fox Creek Airport


CED5 - Taber Airport


CED6 - De Winton/Highwood Airport

CED8 - Thunder Bay/Eldorado Airport

CEE4 - Hinton/Entrance Airport


CEE5 - Wabasca Airport


CEE6 - Twin Island

CEE8 - Viking Airport

CEF2 - Belwood Airport

CEF3 - Bow Island Airport

CEF6 - Forestburg Airport

CEG3 - Lacombe Airport

CEG4 - Drumheller Municipal Airport

CEG5 - Chipewyan Lake Airport


CEG8 - North Seal River Airport

CEH2 - Cu Nim Airport

CEH3 - Ponoka Industrial Airoprt

CEH5 - Red Earth Creek Airport


CEH6 - Provost Airport

CEJ3 - Stettler Airport

CEJ4 - Claresholm Industrial Airport


CEJ6 - Elk Point Airport

CEK2 - Braeburn Airport

CEK6 - Killam-Sedgewick/Flagstaff Airport

CEL3 - East Linton Airport

CEL4 - Hanna Airport

CEL5 - Valleyview Airport

CEL6 - Two Hills Airport


CEL8 - Eleonore Airport

CEM3 - Whati Airport


CEM5 - Swan Hills Airport

CEN2 - Bassano Airport

CEN3 - Three Hills Airport

CEN5 - Cold Lake Regional Airport

CEN6 - Vauxhall Airport

CEP3 - Barrhead Airport

CEP4 - Ross International Airport

CEP5 - Janvier Airport

CEP6 - Warner Airport

CEQ3 - Camrose Airport

CEQ4 - Whetstone International Airport


Will these airports have 3D buildings? I know that would be a lot of work.

That isn’t something I have the knowledge on or access to. Long term it would definitely be a goal for most of the medium-large commercial airports given the chance, if being done by anyone. 🙂

I’m sure Jason would support the idea…

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Our editors are working hard on airports in Canada! Did you know there are over 500 manually edited airports in the country thanks to this project?

Check out the progress tab at the top of this topic to see how active work is going!

I feel like an advertising agent…


Haven’t worked on any Canadian airports yet but I will try and find some to help out!


Done 2 airports (along with a couple project airports). Been pretty slow recently, getting a laptop within the next 2-3 weeks so should begin to skyrocket again, anyway:


Mont-Tremblant Intl Inc, Quebec


St Huberts, Quebec


Nice! I am from Iran and i was wondered how accurate are airports there! So i know now that’s your work! Thank you

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It really depends on the time of day but I have found that the middle east has poorer imagery and I think that has to do with the desert/heat.

Hey can i ask you a question on CYHU?

What is it I maybe able to answer it?

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What is this random line?

That is a service road. We have been adding them to new airports for realism.

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oh but why does it end nowhere? is there supposed to be a building there?

It leads to a ILS approach equipment. So if IF developers were to add buildings to this airport you would see it there.

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ohhhhh Thanks!

Big up !

Hope you have enough if sleep :)

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As said by other I aim for maximum detail when doing my airports. Lots of editors have different styles of editing, and I definitely go for the more detailed stuff. I personally have buildings generally in mind as smaller parts are easy to locate, connect, and add detail to when having service roads in game. The central part of the airport contains the control Tower which is connected up by all the roads. Roads that are included are only within the airport boundary and are directly connected to the airport layout itself.


oh ok it just LOOKS Janky as the taxi ways are straight and then there is this MS Paint loooking service road

That is also how it looks in the editing software it will be less obvious in IF.

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I wonder who has been saying that they look janky this whole time?

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