Project California

 Project California

Welcome. Project California is a project that strives to ensure that every airport in California is up to date and to the highest standards. Below, you will see a list of IFAET contributors, a list of airports being fixed currently, and a map of all airports in California.



Being Reworked

KAJO - Corona Municipal Airport - by @TheFlyingGuy1
KAVX - Catalina Airport - by Jake
KCPM - Compton/Woodley Airport - by @Captain_Hoss
KLPC - Lompoc Airport - by @VulicityHD
KMCE - Merced Airport - by @Ecoops123
KMHR - Sacramento Mathers Airport - by Jake
KSAN - San Diego International Airport - by MBeringuy
KTOA - Torrance/Zamperini Field - by Jake

Recently Reworked

0O2 - Baker Airport - by Jake
KEMT - El Monte Airport - by MBeringuy
KHHR - Hawthorne Municipal Airport - by MBeringuy
KONT - Ontario Airport - by MBeringuy
KSDM - Brown Field Municipal Airport - by MBeringuy
KSMF - Sacramento International Airport - by MBeringuy
L35 - Big Bear City Airport - by MBeringuy
L54 - Agua Caliente Springs Airport - by MBeringuy


California - Airports

Here, you will find a list of every single airport in California, and its status.


77/567 airports reworked (13.58%)
8/567 airports being reworked (1.41%)
489/567 airports still need to be reworked (86.243%)

If you want to help with Project California, join the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team here.

Happy Flying!


This should be awesome to see when it’s finished!


Ooh nice!!!

It be easier if you just pasted the map link without hyperlinking it.


Just wondering, have the gate numbers been changed at San Francisco?

I don’t believe anything has been changed to San Francisco.


This sounds awesome!

Do you think we could please get one of these for Alaska?

I am editing many airports in Alaska already.


Hoss takes too long. 🥱
Only joking. Loving this as a Cali native!


Great job!

Just a question - is the new Harvey Milk Terminal 1 being reworked? The gates at SFO are still old.

Hopefully in the future. We need to wait for imagery to be released before editing.


Thank you! I live in CA and it’ll be cool to have a lot of airports reworked. SFO desperately needs a rework like @GlobalFlyer1 said. Again Thanks!


I’ll be looking into some airports here and am starting with a few small ones. I’m nowhere near enough experiences to work on KSFO, but some GA airports I’m looking into.

Edit: Working (currently privately) on KMCE.

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You know the situation I’m in with my laptop

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Excuses excuses 🙄🤣

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Well it’s now 6:18am… I think I should get some sleep and wake up at 11am to land in Istanbul… Lol. These are my weekends 😂

Apologies for the low quality shots.

This isn’t completely done, I need to go over the airport and check a few out, since satellite imagery is needed for the north-east part of the airport, but a later update won’t matter. It’s just tons of copy and pasting hangars! 😂

I also just realised I need to add more spawns at hangars on the North area of the airport.


I believe Sacramento Mathers is in serious need of a rework, along with KEDU!

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It’s being reworked right now :)

I’m going with the K### airports, the other ones are to small and are difficult to find information for and about. It’s easier to leave that up to local people since they know more about the area than I do.

I didn’t know you were in IFAET o-o

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Yup. I want to do something to help with IF, and like helping out others.

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