Project Burundi

Project Burundi

Hello, IFC!

This is my first airport editing project! At the end of this project, all airports in Burundi will be made or remade.

Burundi is a small country in Central-Eastern Africa. This beautiful country has amazing landscape and nature. This is a small project, but it is mainly to get used to the idea of them so I can start small and make bigger projects in the future.

The small African countries are often overlooked in IF, however they have amazing scenery and guarantee fun flying! I hope this project will help these countries and airports gain popularity in the Infinite Flight skies!

HBBE - ✅ Completed
HBBA - ✅ Completed
HBBO - ✅ Completed
HBBK - ✅ Completed

I plan to complete this project by the end of this month :)

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Thank You!



This project has been completed and every airport in Burundi is now in Infinite Flight!

Feel free to enjoy flying to/from these new airports an enjoy the beautiful African scenery!

A big thank you to IFAET supervisors for the support they have given me throughout this project!


(Please note that some of the airports are not yet in Infinite Flight but are completed and will come in future updates)


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