Project Belgium

🔔 Some news!

It’s been a while! Here’s some news:

Progress of the EBBR rework

I’ve recently started working on Brussels Airport (EBBR) again after a long break and I’m now trying to work on it regularly. Here’s a shot of Brussels’ new look:

For now, only Piers A & B, the connector, the departures hall and the control tower have been reworked ( + some 2D work).

Charleroi has been sent to the Official Review

Charleroi (EBCI) is finally finished and has been sent to Offical Review a few days ago :)


Great work Alexandre! This was highly needed!


Thanks Mathurin!

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Both are looking absolutely fantastic! Great work!

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Thanks a lot!

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This is so lovely to see! Great progress, I’m happy to see my home-airport in the works by such capable hands. As for Charleroi the endproduct seems great too. I really hope the airport will be reviewed before 24.2. Can’t wait to fly from and to it.
You’re amazing!
Could you make the 2 spotters platforms also 3D if that is possible of course. There is one at the left of 25L and one between 01 and 7R. These would be cool easter eggs!

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Hows EBAW going? (just wondering)


Most recent developments have been changing most of the lines (where applicable) to coloured ones, like they are in real life. I’ve also made a start on the small fuelling station next to the apron.

I’m thinking of making a short return to the North-apron to add some extra detail and fix some discrepancies before continuing the South-apron.

It is, unfortunately, nowhere near done as I’ve been putting it off for a very long time. Satellite imagery is also not 100% up to date, which means some of the buildings and ground textures are missing/different than they appear on certain maps (certain demolished hangars, completely new car park/drop-off area and repaved apron), so I’ll need to figure out a way to still make all that accurate.


Tui Belgium flies their E190 out of EBAW.
Nice to see some progress.
Someday I hope I can join the IFAET.
Right now I’m enjoying your craftsmanship! (to you all guys and gals)


Any News from {EBCI}?

It’s still in the Official Review queue.

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I applied to the IFAET, if i get accepted i will take EBOS!


EBOS is very much needed indeed. But for beginners they will have to start working on smaller airports. I hope you get accepted, there are long waiting queues.


Bumping this topic asking for WIPS of brussels.

No progress so far, and no progress planned for now.

This should be “have been started by an editor”.
It’s under the Notes tab.

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Any News from EBCI ?

It has been marked “ready for release”.


Let me already do flights to Essaouira!!

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