Project Belgium

🔔 Some news!

It’s been a long time! Here is some news about the Project Belgium:

Main terminal is finished

The main terminal of Brussels South Charleroi Airport (EBCI) is finished.

Brussels is being reworked

Brussels National (EBBR) is being reworked and here is a small WIP:

All photos were taken by me.


I’m exited for some more wip pictures of my home airport😍amazing work!


Thanks! Stay tuned 👀


Evening great work on Charleroi already. Would appreciate some work on the SABCA Plant (if possible) plant there and parking for F-16’s. As GAF-EAF virtual 10th Tactical Wing at Kleine Brogel, often use the facility for simulated depth maintenance, of are jets.

Cheers Pete
Commander EAF


Noted! I will finish EBCI very soon and try to bring as many details as possible for your missions :)


Cant wait to see Antwerp!


🔔 Some news about Brussels

WIP of the Pier 2

This is the first look of Pier B.

New tower

Here is the new customized tower at Brussels Airport, with the Skeyes headquarters.

Extra Photo


I sort of promised to post my progress on Antwerp here, but I kind of lost motivation.

However, I’ve begun working on Antwerp again, so I’ll share a few images.

The North General Aviation apron is practically finished. There are only a few finishing touches that I need to do.

Note: Nothing here is final of course. There are definitely some facades that need to be changed, among other things.

@Teized Grimbergen Aerodrome’s status is released now.


Any progress on Antwerp ?

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I haven’t had much time or motivation as of late unfortunately. I think I will try to get some stuff done the coming week as I’m free from school then, but I can’t promise anything.


No worries ! Please take you time & do as much as your willing 😆

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Long time no speak but I have started the work on EBAM again, I am gonna do my best to finish it soon.


any updates on ebbr? , the recently new huge hangar is completed. And ofc ebbr is now very outdated as well.

Unfortunately I haven’t made any progress since the last WIP, but I have recently finished EBCI, which is now in OR.


🔔 Some news!

It’s been a while! Here’s some news:

Progress of the EBBR rework

I’ve recently started working on Brussels Airport (EBBR) again after a long break and I’m now trying to work on it regularly. Here’s a shot of Brussels’ new look:

For now, only Piers A & B, the connector, the departures hall and the control tower have been reworked ( + some 2D work).

Charleroi has been sent to the Official Review

Charleroi (EBCI) is finally finished and has been sent to Offical Review a few days ago :)


Great work Alexandre! This was highly needed!


Thanks Mathurin!

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Both are looking absolutely fantastic! Great work!

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Thanks a lot!

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This is so lovely to see! Great progress, I’m happy to see my home-airport in the works by such capable hands. As for Charleroi the endproduct seems great too. I really hope the airport will be reviewed before 24.2. Can’t wait to fly from and to it.
You’re amazing!
Could you make the 2 spotters platforms also 3D if that is possible of course. There is one at the left of 25L and one between 01 and 7R. These would be cool easter eggs!

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