Project Bahamas

Hey guys!

So a few weeks back, I decided to start a wee little project for the airport editing team called Project Bahamas. Like the other threads you see by the other editors for Project ___________, mine has the same purpose, and that is, to complete every airport under the Bahamas flag in preparation for Global Flight! I am already about half way to completion, so I figured that I better give the community a look into what I’m working on!

Without further ado, [Drumroooolllllllllll] here is a complete list of the airports that are being worked on by myself (I will cross off airports as I finish them):

MYA0 - Moores Island Airport
MYAB - Clarence A. Bain Airport
MYAF - Fresh Creek Airport
MYAK - Congo Town Airport
MYAM - Marsh Harbor International Airport
MYAN - San Andros Airport
MYAP - Spring Point Airport
MYAS - Sandy Point Airport
MYAT - Treasure Cay Airport
MYAW - Walkers Cay Airport
MYAX - Spanish Cay Airport
MYBC - Chub Cay International Airport
MYBG - Great Harbour Cay Airport
MYBS - South Bimini Airport
MYCA - Arthur’s Town Airport
MYCB - New Bight Airport
MYCC - Cat Cay Airport
MYCH - Hawks Nest Airport (MYE4)
MYCI - Colonel Hill Airport
MYCP - Pitts Town Airport
MYCS - Cay Sal Airport
MYCX - Cutlass Bay Airport
MYE3 - Farmers Cay Airport
MYE5 - Rum Cay Airfield
MYEB - Black Point Airport
MYEF - Exuma International Airport
MYEG - Georgetown-Great Exuma Airport
MYEH - North Eleuthra Airport
MYEM - Governors Harbor Airport
MYEN - Normans Cay Airport
MYER - Rock Sound International Airport
MYES - Staniel Cay Airport
MYEY - Hog Cay Airport
MYGD - Deep Water Cay Airport
MYGF - Grand Bahama International Airport
MYGM - Grand Bahama Aux Airport
MYGW - West End Airport
MYIG - Matthew Town Airport
MYLD - Deadmans Cay Airport
MYLS - Stella Maris Airport
MYMM - Mayaguana Airport
MYNN - Lynden Pindling International Airport
MYPI - Pardise Island Airport
MYRD - Duncan Town Airport
MYRP - Port Nelson Airport
MYSM - San Salvador International Airport
MYX4 - Big Whale Cay Airport
MYX5 - Cistern Cay Airport
MYX7 - Rudder Cut Cay Airport
MYX8 - Darby Island Airport
MYXC - Hog Key Airport
MYXD - Leaf Cay Airport
MYXH - Sampson Cay Airport
MYZ2 - Cape Eleuthra Airport
MYZ3 - Little Whale Cay Berry Islands Airport

Crossed out ones are the airports that I have completed.

Check out the Bahamas airports as I finish them exclusively with LiveFlight Horizon to follow my work more closely!

Who is gonna go island hopping in a Spit with me when Global Flight is released? ;)

Let me know what you guys think!


You have done a lot! Good job :)

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What about TXKF, the main airport there?


That airport is in Bermuda, not the Bahamas ;)
But don’t worry, an airport editor is actually working on that airport! :)

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Wow, good to see a project a good distance in :)

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Oh, my mistake.


This will make for some cool flights.


Wow, I never knew Paradise Island had another airport other than Nassau!


I’ll have to look into that more when I get to that airport, but it looks like it could be closed. I’ll look into it though. :)

That Paradise Island airport will most likely get removed from the list and from the repo all together, because I investigated it more, and i can’t find an airport on Paradise Island!

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I started a little over a month ago, but I haven"t worked on it every day.

My favorite airport because it has my little brother’s name.


I haven’t decided on a full on Project for a country or region, but the next two on my list after Bahamas are Jacksonville International Airport (KJAX) and Central Wisconsin Airport (KCWA).

MYMM, MYRP, and MYX4 have been completed! Making progress! :)

How about Bermuda?

Well that’s not part of my project because that’s another country, but I do believe that another person is doing Bermuda. ;)

Well it isn’t another country. But thanks anyway.