Project Bahamas | Bringing Bahamas To Life

Welcome To Project Bahamas 🇧🇸

Bahamas is a beautiful and fun destination to go to in real life. With many islands with beautiful beaches, activities, and much more, it’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for an amazing vacation. I’ve made this project to make Bahamas in Infinite Flight an even better place to fly to. Enjoy!

Airport Name Country ICAO Status Editor
Staniel Cay Airport Bahamas MYES Released @skye
Deep Water Cay Bahamas MYGD Ready For Release @ButterAllDay
Clarence A Bain Bahamas MYAB Ready For Release @ButterAllDay
Norman’s Cay Bahamas MYEN Ready For Release @skye
Spanish Cay Airport Bahamas MYAX Ready For Release @skye
Exuma International Bahamas MYEF Ready For Release @Kaj
Hog Cay Bahamas MYEY Ready For Release @IFMetier
Arthur’s Town Bahamas MYCA Ready For Release @skye
Moores Island Bahamas MYAO Ready For Release @skye
Sampson Cay Bahamas MYXH Ready For Release @ButterAllDay
New Bight Bahamas MYCB Ready For Release @ButterAllDay
North Eleuthera Bahamas MYEH Being Worked On @Asher
Stella Maris Bahamas MYLS Being Worked On @Asher
San Salvador Intl Bahamas MYSM Being Worked On @Kaj
Great Harbor Cay Bahamas MYBG Being Worked On @Kaj


Airport requests are not accepted at this time. Editors, if you would like your airport to be added please send me a DM. Thanks! All editors have been asked permission to have their airport shared.


Awesome thread! I’m glad to be helping bring the Bahamas to life :)


Good luck! 🙂

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Great idea, definitely planning on doing some airports in the bahamas when i’m able

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Privileged to be a part of what I believe will be the first region in IF to have 100% refined and detailed airports.

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Yes! This is our goal. As Bahamas has lots of airports, we’re trying to make all of them to 100% quality to make it a better region.


Awesome! Excited to fly to the airports when finished.

Thanks for all the hard work Cooper and Skye! 🙂😉

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Very beautiful region, can’t wait for MYNN to eventually be on this list! Happy that it became a project :)


Here is a WIP of MYAB that is being built by @ButterAllDay.