Project Azores

Thought I’d start a little airport editing project like every second editor does it.
Soooo… I started Project Azores.

For those who are not the best in geography:
The Azores are a group of Isles in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Portugal, the country they also belong to.

List of Airports + progress Status:

  • LPHR (Horta Airport) // Finished and Added
  • LPPI (Pico Airport) // Finished and Added
  • LPGR (Graciosa Airport) // Finished and Added (by @Paul_petropoulos)
  • LPLA (Lajes Field) // In the works
  • LPAZ (Santa Maria Airport) // Being reviewed
  • LPPD (Ponta Delgada International Airport) // Finished and Added

Following airports will not be done as no Bing imagery is available:

  • LPFL (Flores Airport)
  • LPCR (Corvo Airport)
  • LPSJ (Sao Jorge Airport)

I’ll keep you updated.


Now I can do flights between Boston and Ponta Delgada!

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Are you guys sure someone is doing Africa?

I’ve got a list of airports I want to go through, african ones are included.
And I’m 100% sure others will work on Africa as well.
No worries!

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Thank you 😉

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I might go to Ponta Delgada next summer, so it would be cool to play IF when I fly there.

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Nice, Azores wull be a beautiful destination!

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LPHR is done.
Starting Ponta Delgada (LPPD) and Pico (LPPI) now.

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Great, love the Azores all we need is a sata a320!

and a SATA Dash 8…

Been a while, here’s thee progress:

LPHR: Finished and added to the repository.

LPPI: Finished and added to the repository.



LPPD: Undergoing final adjustments


LPLA: In the works

LPGR: Finished and added to the repository.
(by @Paul_petropoulos)

I’m definitely not one of the best and fastest editors, but I hope to finish this project off by december.
Hope you like the progress.


Goood job !
I probably will be like every 10th to 15th flight in Madeira and surely will visit those airports too!

Thanks love you

LPPD (Ponta Delgada International) is finished. Pictures to follow!

You exported it correctly OMG. I can’t believe it. ^screams^

I exported it correctly three times in a row.
Call me god.


LPPD // Ponta Delgada International:

South Apron:

Terminal Apron:

North Apron:


Just want to quickly tell you that I will not be doing the following airports:

  • LPCR
  • LPFL
  • LPSJ

Check top post for more information.
The above airports do not have bing imagery and I can’t work with Google Earth imagery, simply a little bit too difficult for me. I might give them a try in the future as they are relatively small, but for now, I will not edit these airports.

Hope you have an eye with me on this.

LPAZ finished!

Hope you like this one.

LPLA next.
LPLA is the final airport for this project and might be finished by next week, stay tuned!

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