Project Azores, Portugal

Project Azores

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Welcome to the Official Tracking Thread of all the airports in the Azores

Over the next couple of months, the Azores will become fully 3D! They will be the number one stop in the middle of the Atlantic for anyone wanting to take a narrow body across the Atlantic Ocean!

Want to help contribute to building 3D airports around the world?


City Airport ICAO Editor Status
Ponta Delgada LPPD @A320_Flyerboy19 In Progress
Pico LPPI @Aiden_Forusz Ready For Release
Horta LPHR @Waffs Ready For Release
Santa Maria LPAZ N/A No Editor/Not Started
Sao Jorge LPSJ @A320_Flyerboy19 In Progress
Graciosa LPGR N/A No Editor/Not Started
Flores LPFL N/A No Editor/Not Started
Corvo LPCR N/A No Editor/Not Started
Lajes LPLA N/A No Editor/Not Started


There is no guarantee that the airports marked ready for release will be coming in the next update! The team is not accepting airport requests at the moment.

Thank you To Everyone For Making the Azores 3D!


Omg yes Ponta Delgada !!!

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Making the Azores Islands 3D is a amazing project. Just to show how the islands and the airports are amazing.


I’m very excited about the project and journey! I started the 2D work and Airport Properties about an hour ago!

If you have any imagery or charts of taxiways, that would be highly appreciated!

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I’m hoping that with this project the SATA Air liveries will be considered!

Yes. (Happy IFC Birthday BTW)
When I get IFAET I’m definitely joining Project Azores.

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Thanks! My official IFC birthday when I started to participate was August 2020

I look forward to having you contribute!

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Y’all will love Horta! :)
Can’t wait to do more! 🙈


I took a look at it today! It was a well-done airport!

Please feel free to drop any teaser images of the airport!

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this is exciting! i’ll have to do a stopover route via the Azores once these release

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I will, cheers!

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Some teasers for LPHR, hope you guys enjoy 😉


Thank you, @Waffs for sharing LPHR!

I’ll try and get a 2D progress update to everyone today of LPPD!

Ponta Delgada 2D work is coming along!

I’ve completed 90% of pavement work and about 85% of taxi line work!

Overall, 2D work is at 70% complete! Still, a lot more work to do today! Expect a picture of the completed or in progress 2D work in a couple of hours!

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LPPD Update!

LPPD (Ponta Delgada) is coming along nicely on the 2D side. Currently working on airport roads and roads by the terminal!

3D work will start within the next couple of weeks! Expect a 2D WIP shot on Monday!


This is awesome. The Azores are beautiful and I hope we eventually get that SATA Dash 8 livery!

Any chance we can get Lajes Air base (LPLA) on the island of Terceira?

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I will add that one right now!

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Thanks a lot!


LPSJ is in Progress

LPPD is coming along slowly! Starting to add all the roadways in the airport and finished the taxi way lines!


There is a new taxiway at Porto and it’s not in the game

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