Project Azerbaijan

Project Azerbaijan

UBBQ - Gabala

Azerbaijan is unrepresented region in IF, so some airports with buildings can bring more love to this region.

List of airports in Azerbaijan

ICAO Name 3D Contributors Status
UBBB Baku Heydar Aliyev Intl @lucaviness & @Alexorlov Released in 22.8
UBBG Ganja - - Not Started Yet
UBBL Lenkoran @Alexorlov Released in 23.1
UBBN Nakhchivan @Alexorlov Released in 22.8
UBBQ Gabala @lucaviness Released in 22.1
UBBY Zagatala @Alexorlov Released in 23.1

UBBB - Baku Int'l
Airports that cannot be done

Since these airports are not in the game, they won’t be completed. When/If it is possible to add completely new airports into the game, they will be added to the Project.

  • UBBF - Fuzuli
  • UBEE - Yevlakh
  • UBTT - Zabrat

Am I allowed to request airports?
No, airport editors don’t take requests, BUT you can join the team and make airport that you want.

Small reminder - WIP images of airports don’t mean that the airport will be added in the next update.
And don’t go off-topic, this thread is for airports.

Other editors are welcome to post their WIP photos.

Azərbaycana xoş gəlmisiniz! 🇦🇿


Çok Güzel!!! Omg, seeing Baku Intl just got me jumping out of my chair!! I hope also next project would be Iran or Afghanistan!


Very interesting indeed! Glad to see Azerbaijan getting represented in Infinite Flight


I congratulate you, you have done a very good job. Lucavines’ work in the construction of Sanfransico airport is evident. Moscow and other airports made by Alexorlov are also great.
I am sure this Airport will be one of your best works for Alexorlov and Lucavines. 🔥🔥🔥😎🤗


very nice hands, great airport, how do you do it, with which program I want to participate, how can I do it?

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We’re making airports in editor which is implemented in the game.

If you want to contribute, fill the form here: Infinite Flight Airport Editing Application


Nice one! I’m sure @lucaviness and @Shane remember some good times there in the past.
Can’t wait to see it alive!


Yes, we do 🤧


Do you have any new photos from the construction phase? 🤐😅

I tried to implement tower, now I’m adding buildings near ASG Business Aviation terminal, they’re almost done


she looks like really 🔥🔥🔥🔥✅😱


Damn, can’t wait to do my Dubai to baku flights with extra detail now!


Hii , Has this project been stopped? no new messages or photos have been shared for a long time, if there is any progress, can you show it to us?

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Hello, I’m busy right now irl, and I can’t spend so much time for editing as before, unfortunately. UBBB is slowly progressing, but nothing interesting, because mostly 3D part is finished (except vehicles) and now I’m working on service roads around the airport. I don’t see a point in showing my progress with roads like every day.

ASG Business Aviation Terminal, I think I haven’t shown this before

As you can see, pavements are not finished yet, I still need to update them, so it will take some time, I’ll notify you when I make serious progress with it.


wow this is amazing it’s exactly the same😍😍😍😍😍😍


Looks awesome! Can’t wait to fly some cargo out of there!

I can’t wait to fly to many destinations from here.
Alexorlov I have a question, will this Azerbaijan project be finished after UBBB is done?
There are a total of 4.5 currently active airports in Azerbaijan.among them, Baku was the largest.,
The remaining air ports are small. :)

This is the airport the
UBBN (Nakhchivan)
This airport is the 2nd most functional airport in Azerbaijan., It has 2 types of functions, It is both a Civil and a Military airport.
Main Routes
Baku —> Nakhchivan
Moscow —> Nahkcivan
Istanbul —> Nahkcivan


No, Nakhchivan, Ganja and Zagatala are in my list too, I made these airports in the past and probably will revisit them to make them 3D. What about Lankaran Airport, I may add buildings, if no one claims this airport. Other airports have wrong codes or they just don’t exist in the game like new Fuzuli airport, so I don’t know when they will be done.


I’m a fan of formula 1 and when Baku is 3d, i can fly a DHL 777f (because DHL are a official partner of the f1 and) from where the race before Azerbaijan to Baku and virtually deliver the teams cargo


Haven’t posted here for a while. Baku UBBB is almost complete, just some small touches and it will be ready for review.