Project Australia

Can you get who ever is in charge because I really would like to be accepted so I can help out at doing more Aussie airports so we can get more in

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There are obviously more who do contribute overall, but yep there’s not many of us working on the Aussie airports atm!


Can you also add the YPPH Plane spotting deck please this one the first one is near the holding point A11 at YPPH RWY 03 and the second photo is on top of the terminal 1 and first photo is runway 03 observation deck runway 03 at YPPH and also can you do the walk thing and road to the observation deck this one after the second one the 3rd is the walk thing to the observation deck near A11 at runway 03
The red circles in the 3rd photo is sort of what I would like to see with the observation deck

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