Project Australia

🦘 Project Australia 🦘

This thread is dedicated to airports in upside-down land (Australia) that are currently being worked on for implementation into Infinite Flight including reworking 2D as well as creating 3D airport masterpieces.

The goal is to eventually have airports and especially every major airport in Australia with reworked 2D and 3D for the Infinite Flight users to enjoy to their full potential.

Project Australia Goal

The goal of Project Australia is to eventually have every airport, especially the major airports in Australia with reworked 2D and 3D available and updated in-app for Infinite Flight users to enjoy. Remember to fly upside down in Australia because technically that’s the right way up.

Current Project Australia Airports In Progress

Airport Name ICAO Airport Editor Status
Albury YMAY @Sam_Neale In Progress
Aldinga Airport YADG @Balacachini In Progress
Archerfield Airport YBAF @Panther In Progress
Ballina/Byron Gateway Airport YBNA @Tex_B In Progress
Bankstown Airport YSBK @Alex_E In Progress
Brisbane Airport YBBN @Adam @Panther In Progress
Busselton Margaret River Airport YBLN @CrazyMinecart12 In Progress
Cairns Airport YBCS @Declan_O In Progress
Gladstone YGLA @SeanAviation In Progress
Gove YPGV @Adam In Progress
Lake Macquarie Airport YLMQ @SebastianF In Progress
Launceston YMLT @Chris_Hoss In Progress
Lilydale YLIL @Sam_Neale In Progress
Melbourne Tullamarine Airport YMML @Thor_Jensen In Progress
Palm Island YPAM @ybtl.aviation In Progress
Perth International Airport YPPH @Ben_C In Progress
Port Augusta YPAG @canton In progress
Port Macquarie Airport YPMQ @Charles_S In Progress
Rottnest Island Airport YRTI @VH-OEJ_747 In Progress
St George Airport YSGE @Robert_Thomas1 In Progress
Sunshine Coast Airport YBSU @Adam In Progress
Townsville Airport YBTL @Alex_E In Progress

Current Airports Ready For Release

Airport Name ICAO Airport Editor Status
Mount Isa Airport YBMA @Tex_B Ready For Release

Project Australia Released Airports

Airport Name ICAO Airport Editor Status
Adelaide Airport YPAD @brunocr98 Released in 21.4
Alice Springs Airport YBAS @Asher Released in 21.6
Avalon Airport YMAV @Thor_Jensen Released in 22.6
Ayers Rock Airport YAYE @Robertine Released in 22.6
Bendigo Regional Airport YBDG @Adam Updated in 22.7
Broome International Airport YBRM @Thor_Jensen Released in 22.6
Camden Aerodrome Airport YSCN @Alex_E Released in 22.6
Canberra International Airport YSCB @Chris_Hoss Released in 22.1
Christmas Island Airport YPXM @LordWizrak Released in 22.5
Cocos (Keeling) Island YPCC @LordWizrak Released in 22.5
Coffs Harbour Airport YCFS @Balloonchaser Released in 22.1
Darwin International YPDN @Adam Released in 22.5
Devonport Airport YDPO @Declan_O Released in 22.2
Essendon Airport YMEN @Thor_Jensen Released in 22.7
Gold Coast Airport YBCG @Panther Released in 21.7
Grafton Airport YGFN @Tex_B Released in 22.7
Groote Eylandt YGTE @Adam Released in 22.5
Hamilton Island YBHM @Adam Released in 21.8
Hobart International Airport YMHB @Thor_Jensen Released in 22.7
Longreach Airport YLRE @Thor_Jensen Released in 22.7
Lord Howe Island YLHI @Chris_Hoss Released in 22.5
Olympic Dam Airport YOLD @Adam Released in 22.5
Proserpine Whitsunday Coast Airport YBPN @Thor_Jensen Released in 22.7
Solomon Airport YSOL @Average_Gamer Released in 22.7
Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport YSSY @Balloonchaser Released in 21.1
The Granites YTGT @Adam Released in 22.5

Please note that all of these airports listed above regardless of state are a work in progress. Even though an airport is listed as ready for release there is no set date on when an individual airport will be released.

Airport Requests

Please note that in this thread we are currently not taking requests for specific airports to be reworked or updated at this time, but rest assured that there are numerous airports as listed above that are being worked on currently.


Awesome, the 5 or so airports there is definitely not enough. So this will be good.


Here are two more airports that you might have forgotten about.

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Awesome Job can’t wait to see them!

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Wow ! A lot of airports getting attention in Australia !

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Project Australia has got a new home in the #scenery-editing category! 🎉

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Really looking forward to seeing Cairns!!

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Thanks mate, having great fun working on it!

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Yeah sounds cool ! Can’t wait to fly there ! :)

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SUPER Excited for Brissy and Melbourne! 🇦🇺

By the way, I know these airports are still in development, so I understand that they’ll probably not come the next update due to the size of them.

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I have minimal time these days but I do have a goal for it to be finished by 2023

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This is very exiting!

Great post Decco! Fantastic to see more Aussie airports coming to life. Also nice to see Wizrak getting involved Down Under, albeit in the external territories.

Can’t wait to see all your work :)


Thanks mate! It certainly is great to see the efforts of the editors mentioned above in bringing airports around Australia to life!


Great Topic! I’m excited to see more Aussie Airports come to life soon! I will definitely go help you guys out when i become IFAET, especially SA airports!

Looking forward to seeing you apart of the team and what you create!

Already applied for IFAET in the first few so keen to become apart of the team and start working on our Aussie Airports 👌🏻

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Finally!! Perth to California and back will be a hot new ULH for me.

Excited for these too. New over night routes to california for me!

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Looking forward to seeing you join the team and seeing what you create!

And officially apart of the team cannot wait to look at getting started