Project Australia

YBCS, Cairns airport

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What about Darwin it’s right in the north of Australia

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Nice! I’m currently doing Kefalonia and I’m doing Turin after. Is there an airport in Alice springs? If so do that!

@Aleks_Hancock @Pilot999 Please request using the format in the original post.

Hmm I’m now confused

Why? That map shows the completed airports.

Sam said YSWG didn’t need editing (aka Wagga Wagga)

Ah right. Not sure about that, maybe the map isn’t updated?

No idea 😐. I don’t know

Just checked the repo. Hasn’t been edited

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Thanks, does that mean it receives 10th priority?

@bensonb I just looked and unfortunately lots of these are already edited. You might want to update the list.


In the airports list, it says that Sunshine Coast is not started, just wondering if this means that it hasn’t been built yet? I live across the road from it and would love flying top and from it in Global.

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YBRM- Broome Western Australia


YPDN - Darwin International Airport

RAAF - Learmonth Airport ⬅️ Its near a small town called Exmouth

YBNA (Ballina Byron Gateway Airport) Ballina, New South Wales


This is the current google earth plot you have an older one

I so hyped that Caloundra’s in there!

Live in the sunny coast as well. Glad that YCDR (Caloundra) has been edited. Can fly a C172 in and out!

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Yeah, YPLM - RAAF Base Learmonth. Joint RAAF and Civil Aviation Airport. Been there many times!

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