Project Argentina

Hello, and welcome to Project Argentina!
This project has a main goal of getting airports of Argentina in 3D!

Argentina is a beautiful country with wonderful landscapes. These beautiful sceneries can be found in the Andes mountain range, as well as in Patagonia!

Now, to the airports. These will be sorted by province.
Provinces which have airports completed or in progress will only show.

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

SABE - Aeroparque Jorge Newbery | Released 22.3 | By @Mauricio_B

Province of Chubut

SAVC - General Enrique Mosconi International | Released in 24.1 | By @Mauricio_B

Province of Jujuy

SASJ - Gobernador Horacio Guzmán International | Ready for Release | By @princeakatsuki

Province of Neuquén

SAZN - Presidente Perón International Airport | Ready for Official Review | By @princeakatsuki

Province of Salta

SASA - Martín Miguel de Güemes International | Released in 22.1 | By @Alexorlov and @MishaCamp

Province of Santa Fe

SAAR - Rosario—Islas Malvinas International | Released in 24.2 | By @ArgentinePilot | Thread

Province of Tierra del Fuego

SAWH - Ushuaia—Malvinas Argentinas International | Released 21.3 | By @Alexorlov and @DeerCrusher


Very nice!

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(Apologies to those who have been @‘d without notice)

NICE!!! Love to see Argentina get some love, hopefully someone begins work on Ezeiza soon!


Yeah! EZE needs to be worked on.


Doing God’s work @ArgentinePilot .


We should throw a party when EZE gets 3D.


Amazing 👌 Argentina needed this great work all involved

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I love this, as an argentine myself would be awesome to see the country’s main international hub with 3D buildings finally and even the new taxiway for rwy 35, besides it’s a good oportunity to have the most importants Intl airports of southamerica fully modeled. Looking forward for this project.


is anyone working on ezeiza?

I wish someone was.

Project Argentina Trailer is uploaded and can be found in the original post. The post layout has been changed, featuring a map of released airports (Gold Markers) and in progress airports (White Markers) + the Project Argentina Trailer found right below it. The list of airports has not changed.


Has SABE been updated with the lengthened runway, new ILS systems and the new parking spots capable of servicing wide body aircraft?

I am proud to announce that Rosario—Islas Malvinas Intl’ is ready for release and will come in a future update. As for this, I am sharing WIPs of the airport.

The Wonderful Cast
@ArgentinePilot as Aerolíneas Argentinas B737-800 & E190
@a340 as Copa Airlines B737-800
@EastTexasAviationYT Gol Linhas Aéreas B737-800


Beautiful Airport


yeah so we ate


Rosario (SAAR) is now out in 24.2!

Hello! I’m happy to announce that Jujuy (SASJ) is now ready for release. While waiting for it’s official release, have some quick photos of the fully reworked airport!

This was my first project marked as ready for release and it needed a complete 2D and 3D rework, so I’m really proud to be soon releasing it to the public! Hope you like it!

And, as side news, work on Neuquén (SAZN) is complete and it’s now waiting for Official Review~