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Welcome to Project: AIRPOWER! Supporting and representing the Military community within Infinite Flight’s vast community, the editors behind Project: AIRPOWER made it their mission to recreate the world’s military bases from pavement to buildings, in full and detailed 3D, to amplify your mobile mil-sim experience.

Our current main efforts include:

  • US Naval Air Stations - Started in preparation for the upcoming F/A-18E Super Hornet, this effort encompasses bases that are not just Wing HQs, but also those who are frequent hosts to the Blue Angels, and Top Gun: Maverick film locations (Note, our work does not imply the addition of related liveries).

  • US Air Force Bases - A majority of Infinite Flight’s military fleet are aircraft utilized by the US Air Force. This includes the A-10C, C-17, F-16C, and F-22A, most of these fleets are headquartered in the continental US and joint bases abroad. It is important that we give these aircraft well-built bases to add more immersion to the fun, dynamic, but lesser-known experience flying a military aircraft can provide.

  • Bases In Europe - Another large portion of the Infinite Flight community is rooted in the European continent. The F-16 and C-17 are aircraft that have been widely exported across the nations of Europe. This will be an additional point of immersion to anyone who wants to simulate a transatlantic deployment.


Name ICAO Area Short Description Editor(s) Status
Amari Air Base EEEI EU East Estonian NATO base contributing to eastern air policing missions @Asneed8706 ➡️ Ready for Release
RAF Fairford EGVA EU West USAF Forward Operating Location hosting Global Strike Command Bomber missions and U-2 missions. Home of the Royal Int’l Air Tattoo. @Major-Tom ➡️ Ready for Release
RAF Brize Norton EGVN EU West The RAF’s largest air base, it hosts the RAF’s transport and refueling fleets. @Major-Tom Released in 21.5
Bergen Lufthavn Flesland ENBR EU East Norwegian Air Force base attached to Bergen Airport @Major-Tom Released in 22.1
Andrews Air Force Base KADW US East Home of the 89th Airlift Wing, DC Air National Guard and the mighty Air Force One. 🇺🇸 @Asneed8706 Released in 21.4
Keeseler Air Force Base KBIX US East 53rd Weather Reconnaissance SQ “Hurricane Hunters” HQ 🌀 @Asneed8706 🏗 WIP
Joint Base Charleston KCHS US East Air Mobility Command base operating the C-17 plus Civil Air Patrol component. @Asneed8706 Released in 21.7
Dover Air Force Base KDOV US East USAF Air Mobility Command base hosting the 436th and 512th Airlift Wings, where our fallen servicemen land. @Darius_Glover @Asneed8706 Released in 22.7
Joint Base Langley-Eustis KLFI US East USAF Air Combat Command HQ, F-22 Demo Team and 3 F-22 Squadrons. @Nate_Schneller @Asneed8706 @Major-Tom 🏗 WIP
Nellis Air Force Base KLSV US West USAF Warfare Center/Weapons School, home to Exercise Red Flag. 🚩 @Asneed8706 Reworked in 22.7
NAWS China Lake Armitage Field KNID US West USN research, testing and evaluation. Featured in Top Gun: Maverick. @Asneed8706 Released in 22.1
NAF El Centro Vraciu Field KNJK US West USN training base, winter training home of Blue Angels @Nate_Schneller 🏗 WIP
NAS Lemoore KNLC US West USN’s largest master jet base, home to 5 carrier air wings. @Shane Released in 22.6
NAS Pensacola Sherman Field KNPA US East USN/USAF training base, home of Blue Angels. @Nate_Schneller @Major-Tom Released in 22.2
San Clemente Island NALF KNUC US West USN Tactical Training and Research facility @Trio @A-FitzGerald Released in 22.6
NAS Whidbey Island Ault Field KNUW US West Naval Air Station supporting P-8, EP-3 and EA-18G operations. @Pingu 🏗 WIP
Tyndall Air Force Base KPAM US East USAF training base for F-22 Raptor pilots and MX, air battle managers. @Asneed8706 Released in 22.5
NAS Oceana Apollo Soucek Field KNTU US East USN East Coast fighter base, home to multiple Super Hornet squadrons. @Asneed8706 Released in 22.2
Shaw Air Force Base KSSC US East USAF Air Combat Command base, home to the 20th Fighter Wing, multiple F-16 squadrons and the Viper Demo Team. @Asneed8706 Released in 22.1
Travis Air Force Base KSUU US West USAF Air Mobility Command base featuring the 60th Air Mobility Wing, various airlift aircraft @Asneed8706 Released in 22.8
Moody Air Force Base KVAD US East USAF Air Combat Command base hosting HH-60Gs, HC-130s and A-10Cs. @Asneed8706 Released in 22.1
Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst KWRI US East USAF Air Mobility Command base hosting multiple airlift wings. @Asneed8706 Released in 22.1
Groom Lake Test Facility/Area 51 KXTA US West Classified. @Nate_Schneller Released in 21.8
JB Elmendorf-Richardson PAED Pacific USAF Alaska Command HQ, PACAF airlift and combat base. @Asneed8706 🏗 WIP
Andersen Air Force Base PGUA Pacific PACAF Forward Deployed Location, Bridge for AMC @Asneed8706 🏗 WIP
Hickam AFB PHNL Pacific USAF Pacific Air Forces HQ, Hosts two airlift and two F-22 squadrons. Attached to Honolulu Int’l. @DeerCrusher Released in 21.1

Note that bases marked as ➡️ Ready for Release do not indicate that it is ready for the next update.

Editing Guidelines for Regulars

ICAO codes are in alphabetical order

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Mil-Sim editors and flyers rejoice lol.


@Major-Tom am I missing anything from you?

Now this is awesome! Very much like the title!

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Thanks a lot!

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Anyone want to take Selfridge?

Excellent thread guys, looking forward to seeing the military bases come to life!


Hi Gents,

This is much appreciated. Great work already, look forward to seeing future works.


We do not take requests at the moment.

Nice!! I’m very excited to see more military bases come to life! Can’t wait to try them once they come out and best of luck to you all.

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You guys are doing a great job. 👌🏻

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What about JBER? That’s like the house of F22s in Alaska


Hello there, IFAET don’t take requests, but I too would like to someday see PAED with buildings. JBER probably is my favorite base of all the ones I’ve lived or been to. Best 4 years of my life


I couldn’t agree more! I love it up here

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If it’s an F-22 base I’d gladly take it, but I’m currently preoccupied with Langley


It sure is, 3rd Wing (F22s) PAED. No worries but I’m glad you’d take it on!

NEW RELEASE - KPAM/Tyndall Air Force Base

Tyndall AFB is located in the Florida panhandle and is home to the 325th Fighter Wing of Air Combat Command. It is where all of our F-22 Raptor pilots and maintenance personnel are trained to produce a effective air dominance force with the Raptor at its core.

In 2018, the base received significant damage via Category 5 Hurricane Michael, prompting most of its Raptors to be moved to nearby Eglin AFB. It is now possible that all Raptor training operations will be moved to Langley AFB in Hampton, Virginia.


Bumping this. Anything I need to add?

Can’t wait for these bases to come out so I can fly the awesome F/A-18E