Project Airbridge into KSDF @EDDK - 022230ZMAY20

MD-11, A330, UPS livery


Staggard departure 1400Z, 1700Z, 1930Z

Expert Server

Enjoy the flight

EDDK departures enroute.

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PANC route departed

MMMX route holding short until cleared for departure

@art_martinez sorry for the confusion. Got my times mixed up. FL350 and .82 Mach for everyone

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roger that @Konnerj41

Thank you guys for joining us!

always happy to fly with the UPSVA fam

Gonna slow down a bit while ya’ll catch up

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copy. I’ll maintain .82

Got a line of planes coming in from the east, a line from the northwest, and a line from the south. I think we’re setting ourselves up for a grand arrival.


Starting descent at 150nm out

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