Project A380

Could DUB not be on the list as they getting a380 this year I’m pretty sure.

Hmm redone in what way(s)?

Düsseldorf :)))

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wait what. Global flight has been confirmed?!?! how did you know this?

Enough proof?


Thank you soooooo much for adding FAOR. Aw! Aw! Awwwuuuu! (dog howl)

We have BA, LH, AF A380 planes flying in everyday, not sure about Emirates and KLM.

Ooh, and I will host events. Welcome to the mother land.

Thailand suvarnabhumi airport also serves A380

Wei thank you. Do you have any details on flights? If there are active flights I will add to the list. I was primarily looking to catalogue active A380 airports so that users could simulate those flights. Your feedback is always welcome.


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Yes, BKK gets A380 flights from qatar and (emirates)(?)


You missed Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Technically Toulouse Blagnac International should be on there as A380’s are assembled there.


Thanks for this - you and your team are legends!

Kilt will you be doing one for the 747? If you do the 747 operates out of BFS once a week in summer.

If someone currently has access to say where ALL 747s fly from then yes. Getting that info is very costly. I have already looked into it.

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Yes Emirates. EK385 HKG-BKK-DXB

I thought Thai themselves had A380s?

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china Airlines Cargo, British Airways, Asiana Airlines Cargo, Atlas Air (Operating for Qantas Cargo, I’m not sure if they have their own scheduled flights), El Al, CAL Cargo Airlines, KLM, Kalitta, Korean, Korean Cargo, Air China, Lufthansa

pop to mind.

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Bear in mind guys, there are a lot of airports in the world. Kilt compiled this list as a starting point in order for us to cover as many major airports as possible before global flight is released.

It’s unlikely that we’ve “forgotten” to include an airport on the list (we probably don’t consider it major enough at this time to be prioritised). However, you’re more than welcome to suggest any airports - just remember they may not be of highest priority.

At this point, I’d also like to say that we’re open to anyone joining to help us out - even if it’s to do your local airport. Send an email to and we’ll get you set up :)