Project A380

Since Global Flight has now been confirmed I have developed a plan, in conjuction with our Airport Editing Team to edit all A380 active airports. Here is the list which I will be maintaining


Yes! YVR is on the list

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This is awesome! So exciting.

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@Kilt_McHaggis you forgot RJBB Kansai International

I was just going to say that! :)

You excited for the BA A380 @ YVR?

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I am also happy about Toronto Pearson! :)

Wonderful to see YMML on that list :)


If they added terminals along with global flight my head would explode.


I was going to suggest CYUL but I just found out that Air France cancelled A380 ops in Montreal a few years back :(

Flying it there

Parking at D64/65(actual) A380 gates

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No, but you are aware that British Airways announced A380 service to YVR a couple days ago, right? (I’m assuming you know haha)

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Not announced, they flown here for 5 days already

But it normally park at D64(So it doesn’t get derailed)

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Really Nice I am going to edit again!

Thank you for editing EDDF (and don’t forget: RWY 18 has no 36 on the other side ;) )

By the way: another german A380 airport is Finkenwerder Airbus field

Me too i be like oh just flying from LHR to YVR in the BA A380

Yah like @HV9690 said its been flying here for a couple days now. BA announced the route back in June, I think, last year

Why does Kuala Lumpur Intl say it’s in Singapore?

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Good question… @Kilt_McHaggis


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