Progressive Cockpit Lag XCub

Hello IFC, I seem to be having an issue with increasing cockpit lag in the XCub. For example, when I first go into cockpit view I get a nice clean framerate and can look around easily at things. Over time, the performance randomly degrades (sometimes after I open the map in cockpit view) and the cockpit view eventually becomes very choppy when trying to look around. I will go into an outside view for a few minutes (after which the lag will disappear in the cockpit view, it is not laggy outside the aircraft) and then go back into the cockpit view and the loop repeats.

My device is a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 running high-performance mode and I’m using a maximum of all graphics and Anti Aliasing is on, but I think I just have my traffic levels at high. I do not believe the graphics settings matter though as it runs fine in the beginning and then degrades over time within a span of 1-2 minutes.

Exactly the same for me, using a S8

Turn anti aliasing off.That creates lag

I had the same issue with low graphics

I don’t think that is the issue, if it doesnt lag with AA the first time you look in the cockpit it shouldn’t effect it later.

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