Progressing through ATC

I’m comfortable with patters. I have no experience with sequencing, but I understand the concept.

I believe he is asking about how to get comfortable to fly with ATC. To be comfortable with it you must understand what the ATC is up to.
Flying on training server doesn’t help as most ATC on training server are still “training”, so they may further confuse pilots and led to misunderstandings of instructions.
When I fly in the training server, not many people actually know how to do ATC, so listening to those clueless ATC is not a good way to learn and experience.
Do always follow instructions though! Consider there is a chance that you are actually wrong and the ATC is right

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Hi Hezz - I know. However, TS1 is the best bet you have before actually going into Expert. True that the ATC does not always know what they are doing and can give wrong instructions - but flying on TS1 along with a ton of reading about ATC (to know when he is right and ATC is wrong) should get him the experience and confidence required to handle IFATC on Expert.

If he doesn’t practice on TS1 - what other option does he have? Expert is not meant for practice - he will get himself ghosted.

One strong suggestion for TS1 - follow the TSATC routine and fly in where they are open. TSATC is a formal organization that is doing a great job in getting formal IFATC like services on the training server. Atleast then, you have something good to work with.


When you are put in a sequence by ATC, you will be given a command like “number 3, cleared to land, traffic to follow is on left downwind”

It just means you are cleared to land after the two planes ahead of you that are on left downwind land. As a pilot, you need no further communication - you have to fall behind the two planes ahead of you, maintain proper speed and spacing (3 nm atleast) from the 2nd aircraft, follow them, turn base (maintaining spacing) and land.

Of course - you need to know what left downwind means! Make sure you know the pattern positions, and can follow aircraft - and dive in! You will do well. Good luck.

Very good to know. Thanks

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Okay, if you would like, we can set something up, at a non-busy airport, and we could walk through ATC, for Ground and Tower, I am proficient at both of these frequencies. if you are interested, please message me, and we may set up a few sessions to get you familiarized with how to communicate on the major frequencies.

I am a TSATC Member, whether it is I, or another person, we will get you to and from your destination safely

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