Progress bar indicator letting us know how far we are from each TL?

So I know this is weird, but I know how there is a separate webpage that explains how we can advance from TL0 to TL3, but I wish someday there would be an indicator, or tracker letting us know how far we’ve come and what we need to do to get to regular (for those who are interested); that way at least we don’t have to go back forth looking at the page. Not sure if it’s a good request, but at least it’ll be easier to figure out where we stand TL wise.

There’s a reason why we’re not making the TL3 requirements public. You shouldn’t farm likes or post stuff just because to get to TL3. Be active on the IFC, contribute useful and helpful stuff, follow the guidelines, have fun and be yourself. Don’t act differently just to get to TL3 😊