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This is probably the most useless feature to ever be asked for but hey, why not? I’m sure I’m not the only one that loves to observe nearby pilots as we embark on our many journeys in Infinite Flight. I love to see the different routes & flagship carriers being displayed in the game. However, do you ever wonder:

“How many people have viewed my route?”
“When I’m on approach, do people view my profile out of curiosity? If so, how many?”

As we may not have the ability to chat ingame, this could perhaps be the closest thing to it.

What would it look like? You may ask. I think it could be represented by an eye icon, similar to that of an IG Story view icon. Also, I was thinking 1 of 2 options:

1- The profile view count is displayed throughout the duration of your flight.
2- The sum of the profile views are displayed on the Stats screen at the end of your flight.

And of course, they should be anonymous views. No username should be displayed when your profile is viewed, the same way it is now.

I’m the exact same way. I think it would be nice just to see at least if anyone is viewing it at a given time (especially ATC). Good idea!


Thank you!

Yes I like this idea a LOT

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I feel like we already have the option of how many people viewed your profile in the community if that’s what you’re talking about

No, I meant ingame profile, not community. In the sense that while you’re flying, you can see how many people decided to viee your ingame profile / route. :)

I see no point for this, I would rather have nobody be able to see I copied there route and who it was

Ohhhhh I see , that makes sense, might not make the cut tho but nice idea 😌

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This would actually be a nice, simple implant in the game. Easy to put it in the simulator by devs. Voted!

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That’s why I’ve included this.

Thanks very much!

Yeah then that makes sense

YES! This is such a good idea. I myself was wondering if i should bring this idea up too.