Profile VA/VO Options


I was going through my preferences, and I saw that the Virtual Organization options were updated. I see the VA I am in, but now I am not sure what the VA option is anymore.

If you got confused reading that, my Virtual Airline is showing up in the list for VO’s.



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I saw that too. I’m in multiple VO’s but it looks like you can only do one

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This is for new functionality to be addressed later. For now you put your primary one. The others you can use the existing field for.


Alright, thanks for the clarification.

I will most likely just keep both of them on my profile until the new feature is addressed to the community.



Will IFATC be an option in the future?

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It already is, scroll to the very bottom.

Oh I’m sorry. I assumed it wasn’t there because it wasn’t in alphabetical order

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Like everything else your questions will be answered when it is ready.


Closing temporally pending official announcements on the matter.