Profile Tutorial

Hi all, it’s been a little over a week and I did plan to post this tutorial a few days but got held up. Anyway, this tutorial is focusing on the profile section on the infinite flight menu. Now I have noticed that people struggle to change basic things like call signs, so I thought let me assist!

Profile Tutorial

Accessing your profile
There are two places in which a pilot/ATC can access there profile. One is on the main menu and the other is Ingame, on the pause menu. Found in the same place:


Once inside:

Display Name
The display name, the name that shows on flights just under your flight info. This name is visible to pilots and ATC. Not only inflight but also as an ATC.


To change this name you need to tap/select the Display Name tab in your profile, from here you can change it:

Call sign

Your call sign is also visible in game, with your flight info just above your display name, to change it you must tap/select the call sign tab. This section has two parts: Airlines, General Aviation.

If you wish to use the airline name with a number as your call sign, than use “Airlines”.

If you wish to use a more professional and letter call sign, use “General Aviation”. All these options are selected by tapping and scrolling :)


If your a live user, this section is important to view. You can see your status for each grade. Meaning that you see what you have gained or lossed. Example: XP, violations, landings…

By reaching the shown calculations on the tab, you can be registered as that grade. (Maybe you need another 20 landings before you reach grade 3)

To view this, you just need to tap/select the i icon next to the section “Grade”:


Located on the side bar, under User Account, you can view your latest flights and information about them.

I hope this helps those confused, new pilots. Thanks for reading! I didn’t include every profile section, since it isn’t really necessary to flights. Things like subscriptions can be another tutorial one day :)

Happy Landings.


This is great! People even confuse long names with long callsigns! LOL


Yea a lot with new players

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