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Hello so I have a question, if you look at the bottom of Marc’s profile you will see his flight stats (for IF I believe). Does anyone know how to embed that from myflightradar24 thanks in advance :)


Pretty sure if you sign up and copy the link and put it into your profile it’ll show up.

I tried that and it didn’t work

Here’s what i see don’t know what to copy

Copy the URL of the top one I’d first try.

Use the insert Hyperlink option, that might work

Marc’s code looks like this:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="My profile"></a>

Based on that, I would suggest copying the code under “Example code, website/blog” and seeing if that works. :)

yes that would did work thank you!

@Marc I think they need you 🙂


Hey no it’s not necessary

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@EdCruz 👀


Didn’t see that, sorry!


That’s not my Infinite Flight stats. It’s the flights I’ve been on in real life so far. You need to copy the “Example Code website/blog” part from the screenshot you sent 😊

Ah I see. I didn’t know thank you :)

It would however be a cool thing if someone did a similar thing with the Live API :)


We think alike, Seb. I call dibs!


Would have been cool but storing data is prohibited :(

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