Profile Pictures for group chats?

Why don’t we have an option to have profile pictures for our IFC group chat?
It’ll be great if we did.

Hi there! Profile pictures for PMs is not a feature that Discourse currently has. Since Discourse hosts this forum, Infinite Flight has no control over whether we have it here or not. We can only have what Discourse makes available to us.

Because it wouldn’t be a profile picture if it wasn’t on a profile?

It would get abused very easily. Inappropriate memes and other things. It would be a huge responsibility to monitor all PMs on the forum with profile pictures or something like that.

Well then a group chat picture?

How about just like the no profanity thing on the IF callsigns couldn’t something like that be implemented with the picture?

How can a system scan an image? There’s no actual text. It’s on the image. Just like you can’t copy and paste text on images.

Oh yes it would be very difficult.

Infinte Flight isn’t in charge, what features gets added to the forum. Discourse is!

The IFC isn’t for texting and group chats. In your case, Discord has exactly what you are asking for.

Unfortunately, Infinite Flight can’t just add features to Discourse (platform the IFC runs on) like they can with the actual simulator. Discourse is being developed and updated by a third party company.

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