Profile Picture "Aspect Perceptions"?

Because IF forum profile pictures are at first displayed small to fit a page with lots of detail, have you ever experienced any interesting “aspect perception” surprises when you expanded another forum user’s profile picture?

If so, who’s was it, and what did you see?
These are classic examples of such a visual illusion (rabbit duck; vase faces):

The best examples I can think of at the moment are @crossrunway27 's profile picture and my own (which was completely unintentional). To me, mine looks like a shiny silver button when zoomed out.

Any ideas on what N179LH’s might look like zoomed out? I was in awe of how the real image was “180 degrees” off from my first impression.

Any idea on how to purposely design this illusion into a profile picture for useful effect?

I’m not the only one that experiences these illusions?
(If I’ve unknowingly violated any category or posting rules here, please let me know.)


I’m confused… What do you even mean?

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I used to think your profile pic was a person standing in front of a space backdrop with a white mask but when I looked closer it was completely different 😂.

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to single you out for any other reason than that your image has an interesting effect (there are at least a couple of other user profile pictures I remember, I just can’t remember who they are/were). I’m sure there are a lot more if I spent the time looking.

With yours the small version of the image comes across to me as a kind of Freddy Kreuger face profile complete with hat, looking to the left.

But expanding it, it’s apparently your friendly dog!!?

I later realized it may be quite dependent on screen resolution, screen default size settings, brightness setting, and eyesight? It’s interesting how you see it differently. I guess we might all see different things:)

edit: I just went and looked at a few hundred profile pics and the effect seems quite rare(?). There has to be just enough visual ambiguity to trigger the imagination. Most profile pics fail the visual ambiguity test…

but @USPilot 's was a bit of a head scratcher just now too. And again, turns out to be a friendly dog!

I think I beat that topic to death.

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Yeah that’s what I thought for the longest time; his pfp looked like an astronaut and I couldn’t unsee it once I noticed

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Yeah it’s hilarious 😂


I’d imagine it has to do with people not caring a whole lot about what members’ pfps look like until they randomly look closer and suddenly realize that what they’re looking at isn’t at all what they initially thought. I did have a similar thing with N179LH’s pfp, but I don’t remember what exactly I thought it was originally

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I just do my dog because I want people to be like awwwww instead of my face or planes😂


I’m trying something similar but with RC cars instead. Checking to see if anyone here is interested in stuff outside of Infinite Flight

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Some people have said they can make out a bison in my profile picture for some reason, but in reality it’s just a picture of my local airport!


if I recall that is 100% what MCI looks like


Either I’ve gone insane or there is a bison in your airport!

I tried staring at it different ways but I just can’t see it (not that I would doubt you see it:) I can’t unsee Freddie Kruger in @crossrunway27 's.

Is there a philosophical lesson in here somewhere about perception of an appropriate flight model, is mostly in the eye of the beholder?..and what aircraft or manufacturer is best is also substantially subjective? :) (wasn’t necessarily thinking this at first)

For me I feel like its @N908QD 's profile picture looks like a demon or a skeleton mask but when I zoom in closer it turns out its a girl with glasses


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this topic. If this could be closed, I’d appreciate it. I think it’s run its course, and, in retrospect, was likely a bit thin on relevance to begin with.