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Hello pilots/atc!

i have a queastion about the thing in my title. It’s something you can fill in on your profile, but my questioon is: what do i put here?
maybe this question is really stupid but i’m a little confused, pls help me out (-;

I assume you are referring to the fallible slot for Virtual Organisation It is the same as the Virtual Airline section on your profile. You can find out more about VO’s on this there here!


What is the “thing in your title”?

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Sorry 😁, ‘virtual organisation’

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Can you maybe give an example? Bc i know the virtual airline part, but what could be an example to put in the VO slot?

For example, if you were apart of the Tailwinds Flying Club, which is a verified VO. You’d put their name. VO’s are listed at the bottom of the thread

Thanks, that helps a lot! (-;

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"This topic can be closed everyone! Thanks for your help! <-: "