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So i have this little Problem where i cannot change my profile header.
I put one up with the swiss logo, the thing is it is in real ashy quality and i don’t like it. So i tried to change by just pressing 🗑 and upload another one but that didn’t workout because it always brings the old one even tho i selected another pic.

Soo… i‘d appreciate some help 😅

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Are you clicking “Save” after you upload/change it?

„save changes“ that’s what i did the last 3 times

Are you sure you’re changing your Profile Header and not your User Card Background? That’s all I can think of, they seem to be different.

100% sure i don’t even know what the user card background is for.

This background is your User Card Image.


Is that image what you are trying to set it to?

Now it changed! Weird…
i did the same exact thing i did the last three times.

Anyway, thank you!

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Oh i see, no i just wanted the Swiss logo as the profile header and that plane as user card. Everything’s good now thank you :)

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Awesome, looks great! Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any other questions :-)

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